Team Handoffs

Navigate the sales relay. Nail deal handovers the first time.

Create templated notes and custom DealSpace layouts that enable your team to run consistent deal and account handoffs. From BDRs to AEs and AEs to CSMs, standardize each handoff so customer knowledge moves effortlessly from one person to the next.

View of the Dooly template gallery showing multiple note templates for sales handoffs.

In the era of communication and connectivity, teams still struggle.

Graphic of online messages from sales and customer team members, who are dealing with an inconsistent handoff process.
Misalignment of customer expectations.

Sales teams can over-promise or miss important features, which forces CS teams to manage disappointed customers with unrealistic expectations​​​​.

No more “where-can-I-find-this”.

Crucial information gets dropped along the way, leaving AEs or CSMs without the necessary background to keep the prospect or customer relationship flowing easily, and repeat questions can lead to frustrated customers.

It takes ages for the customer to “get it” after you sold them.

Poor handoffs lead to uncustomized onboarding experiences for customers. This long time to value means higher risk of churn.

Sales vs. CS: A tale as old as time.

This broken process reinforces the cycle of blame between sales and CS teams, making teams tense and friction high.

Turn complex sales handoffs into opportunities for growth and customer success.

Dooly addresses sales handoff challenges head-on by providing one workspace for sales and customer success team members to work together. Vital pieces of customer information are captured, synced to Salesforce, and readily accessible to everyone, creating a smooth transition between sales stages and account owners.

Graphic showing the path of a sales handoff between different team memebers, with data from each step being kept in Dooly for easy access.

Enable your team with better deal handoffs.

Comprehensive data capture.

Create custom templates to include key deal context like customer expectations, goals, summary of interactions, and insider knowledge about the customer’s journey, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

A Dooly note template for a sales to customer success handoff.

Seamless CRM integration.

Information flows directly into your CRM from Dooly’s platform, bridging any gap and maintaining data integrity.

Showing different types of data (fields, tasks, notes, and events being passed back and forth between Dooly and Salesforce).

Enhanced team collaboration.

With collaborative notes, Slack, Google, and Guru integrations, manager notes, and notifications, Dooly helps reduce friction between sales and customer success teams, while improving productivity.

Two sales people on a demo call, editing a Dooly note at the same time.

Streamlined preparation and communication.

Dooly ensures that all relevant stakeholders and points of contact are captured and their roles are clearly defined, enhancing the overall efficiency of the handoff process.

Close up of the DealSpace "Key Players" card.

Get our Sales-to-CS Handoff Template in Dooly.

Designed to capture foundational information gathered during the sales process, ensuring that Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are fully prepared for onboarding calls.

Create your own templates on any paid plan.

A Dooly note template for a sales to customer success handoff.

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