Another deal review wasted?

Dooly’s DealSpace surfaces the critical deal information you care about before your 1-1’s. Stop playing catch up and start using your time to strategize on how to advance deals to closed won.

Main view of Dooly's DealSpace product.
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Ditch the spreadsheet

Cobbling together data to track your team’s deals isn’t working.

With DealSpace, easily see deal data in a customizable deal-by-deal view that summarizes exactly what you want to know about your rep’s pipeline.


Up to speed in seconds

Quickly learn how a deal has progressed, or hasn’t, with Main Metrics that include deal size, stage, age, and close date.

"DealSpace makes me feel like I have a better working knowledge on deals my team is managing."
Katie Jane Bailey, Enterprise Sales Manager, Figma
Close up of Dooly's DealSpace UI showing the Main Metrics bar.
Close up of Dooly's DealSpace UI showing the custom cards.

Run deal reviews the way you want to

Customize your DealSpace to work the way you do. Bring in critical Salesforce data, update fields on the fly, and create custom cards to document risks, roadblocks, plans of action, and much more.

Keep your reps aligned

Hold your team accountable with tasks and comments. Use private manager notes to keep your insights top of mind.

Close up of Dooly's DealSpace UI showing the manager tasks panel.
Close up of Dooly's DealSpace UI showing the deal browser controls.

Stay focused

Focus your 1-1 conversations on the points that matter by easily flipping through priority deals and discussing them one at a time.

"This tool is exclusively what I use in my one-on-one sessions with my team and individually to review."
Ben Pearson, Head of Sales & GTM, Navattic

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