Process Adoption

Blend your sales process with your reps’ daily workflow.

Your sales process isn’t faulty, it’s just not being followed. With Dooly, seamlessly weave your sales process into any reps’ workflow – making it top of mind and actionable on every deal.

Inserting a sales call template into a Dooly note with the slash commands menu.

Getting reps to stick to a process is easier said than done.

Sales reps are notorious for skipping steps, forgetting to update Salesforce, and moving on from an account once the contract is signed. If your process isn’t easy to follow then it’s already forgotten – and having no process leads to disconnected data, underqualified prospects, and off-target forecasting.

Rethink how to get Sales teams on board with process standardization by integrating it into their workflow and making it effortless to follow.

Graphic of online messages that sales reps receive at work, about trying to follow a standardized process with their team.
Adjusting the Salesforce stage of a deal in the Dooly Pipeline, along with a pop up that shows when the field was last updated.

Improve data hygiene in one-click.

Keep your data clean and your CRM tidy with one-click updates that let reps sync Salesforce fields while taking notes and updating their pipeline. Create a simple way to maintain data accuracy without losing deal context – and never beg reps to update Salesforce again. 

Text from a Dooly note with the word "pricing" highlighted, next to sales playbook with information on how a sales rep can handle pricing objections on a deal.

Take the guesswork out of deal progression.

Standardize your sales process by getting the right information in front of your reps. Share templates that prompt the right questions, create a library of keyword triggered sales plays that appear from within a meeting note, and ensure your reps collect the data required to complete your sales methodology and progress a deal forward.

Main view of Dooly's DealSpace product.

Better forecasting accuracy and team performance.

Give your sales leaders a holistic view of their rep’s deals that combines data with contextual insights improving confidence in their team’s pipeline. With a dedicated environment for deal and pipeline conversations, sales managers can see exactly how a deal has progressed or why it stalled, while strategizing on how to move it forward.

Packed with features to power up your sales process.

Customizable note templates

Make it easy to gather the right information for the right stage. Embed required Salesforce fields, outline necessary questions, and share them across your team with templates.

One-click pipeline updates

Updating Salesforce becomes second nature. With one-click pipeline update and automatic note syncing, reps won’t have to make the time in their day to update Salesforce.

Dedicated DealSpace

Understand a deal’s progress in seconds with DealSpace, a dedicated environment that pulls Salesforce data, contextual insights, and AI note summaries one deal at a time.

Deal and account vitals

Quickly uncover deal and account health to prioritize actions. Vitals automatically detect factors that need attention for deals to close faster.

Connect to your tech stack

Get all your deal data in one place. Create a centralized hub of information by integrating Dooly with Outreach, Salesloft, Guru, Google Drive, Slack and more.

Ingrained permissions

No extra permission setting required. Access to records and fields is controlled by your Salesforce permissions.

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