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Your Salesforce data is protected.

Keep your account secure by signing in with Salesforce (SSO).

Access to records and fields is controlled by your Salesforce permissions.

We never sell or monetize your data, period.

Your Salesforce data is accessed on-demand.

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Safe and secure

Dooly’s information security program maintains full SOC 2 and GDPR compliance.

Our security controls are regularly audited by a third-party.

Network data is encrypted using TLS/SSL.

Penetration tests are regularly conducted by a third-party.

Team members are required to review and accept security policies.

Team members are required to complete security awareness training.

Team members are required to sign an industry standard confidentiality agreement.


Cloud security

Our services are hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud employs a robust security program with multiple certifications.

Databases at rest are encrypted and OAuth tokens are stored encrypted.

Network data is encrypted using TLS/SSL.

Our infrastructure is continuously scanned for vulnerabilities and threats.

Cloud services are actively logged and monitored.

We use our data hosting provider's backup services to reduce any risk of data loss.

We keep detailed incident response plans so we're always prepared to respond to events.


Access security

Access to systems is closely managed and monitored.

Access is limited to authorized team members.

Access is granted according to the principle of least privilege.

We perform quarterly access reviews of all sensitive systems.

Team members are required to adhere to a minimum set of password requirements.

Team members utilize a password manager to ensure unique and strong passwords.


Vendor and risk management

Vendors must be secure.

Annual risk assessments are done to identify any potential threats.

Vendor risk is determined and the appropriate reviews are completed.

Top performers use Dooly

Pierre P.
"It is so easy to take notes while I'm on a call. The app just works! The best thing is that it allows us to centralize our notes across all client-facing teams. We all stay aligned because of this: from pre-sales to post-sales."
Celene L.
"I like how it cuts down time editing and updating Salesforce. My favorite feature is the board page, it is great to get a whole view of pipeline or accounts."
Zoe M.
"It syncs beautifully with Salesforce and I can make tasks for myself as well as add contacts through it. It makes me way more efficient!"
Chip S.
"Blown away by how much time it saves me on a daily basis. Keeps me not only hyper organized but on top of my most important aspects in my pipeline. Also - first tool I have used that I can share with other team members!"
Jonathan C.
"What really makes Dooly stand out from competitors like Scratchpad is its "Playbooks" functionality... Playbooks deliver key content in the moment."

Have questions? Get answers!

How do I report a security incident?

If you believe you’ve discovered a potential vulnerability, please let us know by emailing us at security@dooly.ai. We will acknowledge your email within five business days.

Is Dooly GDPR compliant?

Yes! Dooly is 100% GPDR compliant (DPA available for all the fine print, just ask).

How secure is my Salesforce data with Dooly?

Extremely secure. Your data stays private. Top enterprise businesses worldwide choose Dooly every day for a reason. We use the same encryption the NSA uses for classified information (data at rest is encrypted over TLS and AES-256 at rest).

Dooly interfaces with Salesforce data on an as-needed basis, meaning we store very little of your data at any given time. Our servers are managed by Google, taking advantage of their secure-by-design infrastructure and built-in-protection. SOC-2 compliance is underway.

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