Dooly connects with your tech stack, so you can connect with your prospects.

No more scattered sales process. Dooly meets you where you work, how you work, for ultimate flexibility.
Dooly Integrations

Here's how Dooly seamlessly connects with your sales tech stack:

dooly and salesforce

Dooly + Salesforce = the sales rep’s personal assistant

Dooly isn’t just a “Salesforce integration.” Dooly is the sales hub that sellers use so they aren’t “sales-forced” to spend hours on admin work when they should be selling.
Deal Management

DoolyBar (Chrome Extension)

No more switching from tab to tab. Hit CMD+J on any site to create or update any opportunity, account, contact, or lead.
Google Chrome


Get time back to build more pipeline. Dooly follows your outbound motion in Outreach and Salesloft so critical field updates and call notes make it back to Salesforce without switching from tab to tab.
Outreach & Salesloft
Calendar 2


Set yourself up for a successful meeting. Instantly create a smart note from your calendar and use a pre-built template for pre-call research and prep so you’re ready to crush every call.
Pre meeting calendar


Prospect research made effortless. Eliminate the time spent searching for who you’re meeting with and get their LinkedIn profiles displayed right in your meeting note, like your personal assistant for prepwork.
Linkedin logo


Deal updates, where and when you need them. Collaborate with key stakeholders and keep your team in the loop on the status of any deal for effortless collaboration.
Slack logo

Guru/Google Drive

Run your calls with confidence. Instantly surface existing enablement content in real-time on calls, like objection handling battlecards, competitive analysis, and sales playbooks.
Guru Drive Logos
Guru Drive


Pre meeting calendar


No more copy and pasting. Dooly notes are connected to both your calendar and Salesforce so all of your deal context and field updates are auto synced to Salesforce after the call.
Pre meeting calendar


Never miss a critical detail by capturing the full deal story. Watch Gong calls within your Dooly notes to get key details and action items from the call into Salesforce instantly.
Gong Logo

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Dooly integrates with your existing tech stack to keep you focused on the deal, not switching from tab to tab.

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We can’t wait to see you win with Dooly!

Dooly is best used on a laptop or desktop device. Check your email on your laptop so you can have the best Dooly experience possible.

In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of how Dooly helps reps save 5+ hours of admin grunt work a week.