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The tools you've been given create more chaos than alignment. Dooly fixes this.


Dooly integrates to Salesforce in seconds, no set up. Take notes that instantly sync to Salesforce and update your pipeline 10x faster, all from one easy dashboard.

Google Calendar

Streamline your call preparation. Automatically create notes for meetings straight from your calendar and easily add all attendees to your Salesforce in 1-click.

Chrome Extension

Access Dooly instantly wherever you work. Toggle Dooly with full functionality from a smart tab: take notes, update your pipeline, create tasks, and more.


Connect your Outlook calendar to streamline your call pre-work. Create notes straight from your calendar and easily add meeting attendees to your Salesforce in 1-click.


Keep your team in the loop on every deal. @Mention anyone from a note to create private deal channels with a smart summary of what’s happening, next steps, and more.

Google Drive

Surface the content you already have in Google Drive for your reps using Dooly’s AI-powered Playbooks to trigger live on sales calls based on what gets said.


Sell faster with Outreach by automating your CRM busywork. Dooly syncs all your notes, fields, call scripts, and selling history back to Salesforce automatically.


Sell faster with SalesLoft using the Dooly chrome extension. Every sequence you send, demo you book, and note you take all sync back to Salesforce automatically.


Surface the content you already have in Guru for your reps live on their sales calls using Dooly’s AI-powered playbooks. Content triggers when keywords are spoken or typed.

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