Post Sales

Tame post-sales chaos. Manage customer accounts in Dooly.

Dooly helps you build the environment and processes you need to strengthen customer relationships while tracking conversations, tasks and next steps – making it easier to monitor risk and renewals.

The Dooly pipeline showing customer accounts, with each account’s name, employee count, and annual revenue, as well as the comments panel showing team members discussing a specific account.

Stop playing 20 questions for every new customer account.

Customer management should be simplified, accessible, and inexpensive.

With Dooly, effortlessly capture and contextualize account information and customer health, making it shareable with the people and systems that need to know.

Graphic of online messages from customer team members, who are dealing with a poor account management process.

Dooly makes post-sales more efficient.

And teams like Thinkific, Dozuki, Glia, Sigma and Fulcrum know it’s true.

The Dooly notes feed, showing the note history for an account with notes for a renewal call, quarterly business reviews, and an account success plan call.

Get the full picture with centralized notes history.

Quickly get up to speed without having to scour Salesforce. Efficiently review all account information in one place with complete notes history and AI summaries.

Easily organize and prep for your week ahead.

Dooly integrates with your calendar and Salesforce tasks, to give you a more appealing view of your weekly meetings and work to be done. Prepare for customer calls, prioritize tasks, and follow up on next steps in one workspace.

The primary meetings view of Dooly’s pipeline.

Stop churn in its tracks.

Getting signals that a customer is at-risk? Account Vitals gives your team the signals to quickly collaborate on a risk mitigation plan using collaborative notes and a customizable account environment.

The Dooly pipeline with a preview of an account’s vitals overlaid on top.

Repeatability and working predictably.

Roll out processes and enablement for CS and account management teams with automations, templates and playbooks. Get them to trust the process and work with consistency.

View of the Dooly template gallery showing multiple note templates for sales handoffs.
A Dooly note template for an account success plan.
Customizable note templates

Add more structure to your team’s calls with customizable note templates that can be built for any stage or milestone of your particular customer’s journey.

Account vitals

Quickly uncover deal and account health to prioritize actions and next steps. Vitals automatically detect factors that need attention for renewals to move faster and customers to hit high health scores.

Connect to your tech stack

Make productivity the name of the game. Create a centralized hub of information by integrating Dooly with your calendar, Guru, Google Drive, Slack and more.

Ingrained permissions

No extra permission setting required. Access to records and fields is controlled by your Salesforce permissions. 

Seamless single sign on

Access Dooly with a single click and bypass logging in (because who has time for that?) We work with SSO providers like Okta to manage user provisioning in Dooly.

See Dooly in action.

Learn how Dooly keeps track of all your vital customer info, so you can build stronger post-sales relationships.