Tame the Salesforce account hierarchy chaos.

AccountSpace’s one-tab views gives you clarity, structure, and consistency to understand, at-a-glance what’s happening inside each interconnected account.

Main view of Dooly's AccountSpace product.




A workspace as unique as your management style.

AccountSpace’s customizable workspace allows you to blend qualitative insights with quantitative Salesforce data to provide visibility into key accounts – all in one tool.

Customizing what account stats show in the main metrics bar of AccountSpace.

Interactive, presentation-ready views.

Create and share account plan views with your team to drive the consistency you crave. The best part? No more copy and pasting data into a deck or spreadsheet.

Stylized graphic of some of the main cards in Dooly's AccountSpace.
A parent account and child account both shown in Dooly’s AccountSpace.

Navigate account hierarchies like never before.

Quickly scan across parent accounts to review critical information and transition seamlessly into related accounts and deals for further inspection.

For Individuals

The workspace to manage accounts while capturing the full picture. Ditch the manual tools and work in one place.

For Managers

Create a space to strategize on action plans and share the right information with those who need to know.

For Senior Leaders

Unlock account visibility when you need it. Quickly monitor expansion opps and jump into account plans, without needing a run-down.


Sales Enablement & Sales Performance Management.

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