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Dooly makes it easy to take notes, update Salesforce, and manage every deal so you can focus on money-making moves that get you to President’s Club.

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Instantly sync notes to Salesforce. Dooly automatically syncs important customer data to the right fields in Salesforce, so you don’t have to.

"Dooly allows you to spend more time with customers and less time interfacing with a CRM."
William Holden, Enterprise Account Executive, Intercom

Save hours of Salesforce hassle.

Update your pipeline in seconds. With 1-click pipeline edits that instantly sync back to Salesforce, you’re always ready for pipe review.

“I wish I knew about Dooly sooner. Thinking of all the time wasted updating records before makes me sick.”
Tim Hartnett, Senior AE, Heap

Have better sales conversations.

Always know what to say on your calls. Dooly shows you talking points, content, and battlecards on the fly so you can handle any objection.

“Dooly helps our team win more deals... getting information surfaced to you when you need it is extremely useful in asking better questions.” "
Colleen Mann, Manager, Global Sales Tech Ops BigCommerce
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