Always have
the right answer

Close more deals with talking points, content, and kill sheets surfaced live on your calls from what’s said.

Top sales teams
kick SaaS with Dooly.

Supercharge your sales calls

Dooly’s AI assistant joins your Zoom calls and listens for
keywords to trigger plays in real-time.

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Win deals others would lose

Nail the tricky moments
that matter most with
live plays you can action fast.

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Live AI Listening

Dooly’s AI runs on Watson (it won Jeopardy) to scan what you type in a note or say on a call.

Smart Triggers

When keywords you choose are said on a call or typed in your notes, play cards appear.

Objection Handling

Trigger kill sheets and battlecards instantly when your competitors are mentioned.

Content Integrations

You can attach content from Google Drive and Guru directly to your play cards.

Dooly helps our team win more deals. The functionality and ease of getting information surfaced to you when you need it is extremely useful in asking better questions and diving deeper into problems from previous calls.
Colleen GillettManager, Global Sales Tech Ops

Sell without searching

The right content comes to you
when you need it.

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See what matters to you

Trigger content by your role and deal stage so every play card is always relevant.

Squash every objection

Know exactly what to say in the tough moments when customers object.

Centralize everything

Your playbook library organizes every asset and brings them to you.

Sync from the source

Link content directly to your play cards so you always have the latest version.

I think of Dooly as the great communicator: getting you the information you need, when you need it. Everyone who needs specific information, has that information—instantly. That’s what makes for a better customer experience and a more productive team.
Chris KochSales Manager

Level up your sales game fast

Go from green to selling machine in days, not months.

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Stay refreshed

Keep your onboarding training top of mind since 90% is forgotten within 90 days.

Give fast feedback

Easily provide your input on content and plays so you get more of what wins.

Set deal paths

Manage complex buyer journeys with ease: the right plays come to you.

Dooly’s interactive playbooks tell you what to say and how to navigate your sales calls, and by the time you're done it auto-updates your CRM.
Lloyed LoboCo-founder

Works with the tools you already use

Dooly connects your tech stack to help you sell more, admin less.

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