Deal & Account Vitals

Your alert system for customer health and CRM hygiene.

Dooly’s Vitals give your sales and customer teams clarity into what critical information needs to be captured, on every opportunity.

Dooly’s Deal Vitals modal, showing a checklist of critical deal information needs, such as the deal’s close date, deal amount, and next step.

Powering high-efficiency and process-obsessed sales and CS teams worldwide.

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Make sure your winnable opportunities stay winnable.

Ditch the anxiety from deal updates happening in the dark, or from the money you left on the table when those “surefire” renewals slipped away at the last second.

Dooly’s Vitals put everyone on the same page. Define the critical opportunity info you need to capture, and your team will have the visibility into exactly what’s missing on every opp that comes their way.

Why set up Vitals?

Establish a culture of consistency.

Vitals give your team the ability to quickly identify and update missing opportunity info. Your CRM upkeep gets done with speed and consistency, so you’re always armed with what you need to lead any opp to success.

The Dooly pipeline with a preview of a deal’s vitals overlaid on top, as well as the field drawer open on the right.

Customize Vitals to match your methodology.

Define what Vitals you need your team to capture, what opportunity type and stages they’ll apply to, and even set thresholds for how many completed Vitals are needed to move an opp from red to green.

Whether you follow MEDDPICC, Conceptual Selling, N.E.A.T., or another sales methodology, Vitals’ powerful customization options to put Dooly to work for you.

Dooly’s Deal Vitals customization menu, showing options for defining individual vitals, and customizing when and how vitals should appear on a deal.

Informed decision-making & prioritization.

Swap your reactive approach for a proactive one.

Dooly’s Vitals are real-time signals that highlight any at-risk opportunities that require immediate attention, pinpointing your team’s focus to where it needs to be.

A condensed version of the Dooly pipeline showing a list of account sorted by account vitals.

“We've built Dooly with the reps in mind, making it an effective ally for process-driven teams who want to increase sales targets and account retention with precise and proactive strategies.”

Mya McDuffie
Product Manager, Dooly


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