How to manage your sales pipeline with Dooly's Pipeline Editor.

Improve your revenue forecasting & see blocked deals from a single view

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What’s a Sales Pipeline?

Sales Pipeline is a visual way of tracking & organizing sales deals as they progress through different stages in the buying process. It shows exactly what sales stage prospects & companies are at.

Why is it important to create a 
Sales Pipeline view?


A good sales pipeline improves the accuracy of your sales forecast.

Accurate forecasting is crucial to set achievable quotas, ensure your hiring plan matches company growth, and predicting which deals will come in within the quarter.


A clear sales pipeline helps you fix blocked deals.

Accurate forecasting is crucial to set achievable quotas, ensure your hiring plan matches company growth, and predicting which deals will come in within the quarter.


Provides one view to see team & deal performance.

A single bird’s eye view lets you spot trends quickly like which teams are behind, which deals are stuck, and which stages in the sales cycle your reps could use coaching.

How to create a sales pipeline

There are many creative ways to track & visual pipeline. Most of the solutions fall into 1 of 3 buckets:

Option #1

Track deals using 
a pen & paper.

Benefits: it’s lightweight, and low-tech. If you’re just starting a team or you’re a field sales rep with a small book of business this can be a great approach.

Drawbacks: if the team is working dozens of deals and making frequent updates, paper can quickly become unmanageable.

Option #2

Update deals using 
a spreadsheet.

Benefits: inimble, easily understood, and very low cost. Spreadsheets are at the heart of many growing businesses.

Drawbacks: shared spreadsheets lead to mistyped data, long load times for larger spreadsheets, & hard to enforce version control.

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Option #3

View things in 
real-time with 
Sales Software.

Benefits: Accurate real-time data, reporting access control, & easy customization. You can create your own perfect view, and empower all your teams to see pipeline progressing in real-time. Use a solution like Dooly. Learn more about Sales Enablement Software solutions on G2––a user generated review site.

Drawbacks: software costs money. A leader needs to weigh the potential impact to the team to the subscription costs. A good software will provide more value (more deals & revenue in the case of sales) than its cost.

What should be included in a 
sales pipeline dashboard?

Each sales pipeline dashboard should be customized to the needs of the executive team, type of sale, team structure, and product or service. That said, there are core elements that each dashboard should have.

  • Name of the Opportunity
  • The Opportunity Owner’s Name (the rep)
  • The Opportunity Amount (expect deal size)
  • Name of the Company / Account
  • Stage of the Deal
  • Examples: Closed Won, Commit, Meeting Set, etc.
  • Expected Close Date
  • Last Activity
  • Nest Step Notes from the Rep

It’s important that your sales pipeline dashboard clearly shows the stage of each deal & opportunity. These stages should be in perfect unity between your CRM – like Salesforce – and your sales pipeline dashboard.

Get in Control of Your Sales Pipeline

What are the Stages of 
Sales Pipeline?

There are 7 Core Stages of B2B Deal Management.


Sales & Marketing are reaching out to good-fit prospects for your software or service. There haven’t been any meaningful conversations yet.


Lead qualification
A prospect is interacting with a rep or your company’s content. The next step is to get a meeting on the books


Demo or meeting
An initial meeting occurs between a prospect and the sales rep. There’s genuine interest.


The company has a genuine interest in your software or service and requests for pricing or packaging.


Negotiation and commitment
This is where you finalize the terms, the pricing, and the expectations.


Opportunity closed-won or lost
Your customer signed the contract or agrees to the commitment.


Ensuring your customer is set up for success & there’s a plan to keep them satisfied.

Final Thoughts

Creating a Clear Sales Pipeline View is 
Crucial for Success

Spending time & investing in a Sales Pipeline Management solution is the foundation for a well-oiled revenue team. Sales forecasting, hiring, and rep quota attainment all benefit from a clean sales pipeline view

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