Sales Cycle Management

The hub for your sales cycle management.

Manage and record day-to-day activities, keep track of pipeline and meetings, and easily manage relationships with prospects and customers. Dooly fits your team’s sales workflows, reducing time spent switching between tasks and tabs, and ensuring accurate data in your CRM.

Three Dooly features for sales cycle management: the Meetings view, the Pipeline view, and DealSpace’s Action Plan card.

Working deals made simple.

Take the guesswork out of deal progression by enabling your reps at each stage of the sales cycle.

Graphic showing icons for different stages of a deal in a sequence: early stage, discovery, negotiation, close, and renewal.
Pass from BDR to AE.

Handoff templates, complete note history, and AI note summaries make the handover from BDR to AE a piece of cake – no call recordings required.

Supercharge the discovery.

Improve qualification and scoping by creating stage-specific note templates that embed mandatory Salesforce fields that capture key criteria and follow sales frameworks and methodologies.

Squash objections in real time.

Navigate pricing, product specifications, and any objection without stalling with keyword triggered playbooks and enablement material at your fingertips.

Improve close rates.

Fostering strategic deal review conversations between managers and their team with a customizable, collaborative environment that combines relevant deal data with contextual insights in one deal-by-deal view.

Renew and expand.

When the time is right. tackle renewal and expansion conversations with complete and accurate account information, collaborative deal environments, and auto-syncing Salesforce fields that keep everything updated across multiple teams and systems.

Update Salesforce while taking meeting notes.

Our in-meeting notes tool lets reps update Salesforce directly from their normal meeting workflow, so you can get them to consistently update Salesforce without adding extra work to their plates.

Adding information to a Dooly meeting note and then syncing the note activity to Salesforce.

One pipeline. Endless custom views.

Make your pipeline your own. Track, organize, manage deals and VIEW them on your own terms. Inline edits allow for easy updates that auto-sync to Salesforce.

Switching between the Incomplete Tasks pipeline view, and All Upcoming Opportunities pipeline view.

Monitor deal health and prioritize deals.

Give your sales leaders a holistic view of their rep’s deals that combines data with contextual insights. Click into deals one at a time to quickly identify health and progression, and focus coaching conversations on strategy to move priority deals forward.

Stylized graphic of some of the main cards in DealSpace.
A Dooly note with a highlighted keyword. A cursor clicks on the keyword and the corresponding playbook panel on the right side slides in.

Align your entire sales process.

Drive effective communication and consistent deal progression by integrating your sales processes with the sales cycle.

Share templates that prompt the right questions, create a library of keyword triggered sales plays that appear within a meeting note, and ensure your reps collect the data needed to qualify a lead, move a deal forward, and hand-off an account without friction.

Meetings view

Integrate Dooly with your calendar and stay on top of your daily and weekly meetings without switching tabs.

Slack integration

Share deal updates when and where you need to. Integrate with Slack and keep your team in the loop on the status of any deal for effortless collaboration and notification.

Task and meeting management

Stay in your flow by easily prepping for upcoming meetings and tracking outstanding tasks without having to open another tab.

One-click Salesforce updates

Updating Salesforce becomes second nature. With one-click pipeline update and automatic note syncing, reps won’t have to make the time in their day to update Salesforce.

Start notes from custom templates

Make it easy to gather the right information for the right stage. Embed required Salesforce fields, outline necessary questions, and share them across your team with templates.

Deal and account vitals

Quickly uncover deal and account health to prioritize actions. Vitals automatically detect factors that need attention for deals to close faster.

See Dooly in Action.

Learn how Dooly keeps track of all your sales activity, so your team can manage the entire sales cycle – all from one central hub.