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Insert Salesforce Fields

Add Salesforce fields directly to your notes and update them like text.

Smart Sync

Put your admin on autopilot. Your notes, fields, activities (and more) all sync to Salesforce in real-time.


Sell faster with templates you can add Salesforce fields to and share with your team.

Quick Contacts

Dooly identifies new contacts for you and can add them to Salesforce in 1-click.

Dooly is a godsend to my AEs saving them up to 5 hours a week between streamlining pre-call prep, post call notes, and general Salesforce pipeline updating.
Mark EcksteinRevenue Enablement Manager

Control the chaos

One notes platform to rule them all.

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Never lose your notes

Pick up where you left off and see your next steps with full notes history for every deal.

Collaborate with anyone

Share your notes easily with full permission settings so you control who sees what.

Launch from your calendar

Create a note for the right account straight from your calendar in 1-click.

Action deals in Slack

Keep the right people in the loop. @Mention your team to create private Slack deal channels.

I am in meetings all day long and talk with hundreds of companies a month. With Dooly, I know what was said, what my next steps are - what topics I covered what topics I did not. It keeps me on top of my game.
Justin GeyerAccount Executive

Get the CRM police off your back

Stop the unwanted shoulder taps.

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Log your activity fast

Easily select and log the right activity type for every note you take.

Never forget what to ask

Get automatic reminders to ask unanswered questions on your next call.

Impress your manager

Wow leadership with a beautiful timeline of your notes and potential revenue.

Dooly is the easiest and fastest way to enter customer data into Salesforce. Prior to Dooly, I would always fall behind with my Salesforce hygiene, but it hasn't been a problem since.
Andrew HessSales Engineer

Works with the tools you already use

Dooly connects your tech stack to help you sell more, admin less.

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