9 X-Factors of High-Performing Salespeople.

The most effective sales reps are a different breed. They consistently crush their quota, fill their own pipeline, and share best practices with their fellow sellers.

But are these reps blessed with natural selling instincts? Or can their routines be replicated?

We interviewed some of today’s top sales leaders to learn the habits of high performers, and what’s holding reps back.

Dooly's 9 X-Factors of High-Performing Salespeople ebook

While every rep has different strengths and weaknesses, most high performers have a solid mix of strategic skills and soft skills.

Here are a few key takeaways:

According to a study done by PWC, only 38% of customers say the salespeople they interact with understand their needs. That’s why top-performing salespeople put in the work to empathize with their customers’ day-to-day. Top performers are as likely to monitor customer purchase history and customer staffing changes, compared to their underperforming counterparts.

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There are people who want to do well and will go above and beyond to get scrappy and figure it out — and then there are people who wait for answers”

Hilary Unis, Director of Corporate Sales at TripActions

They value and embody grit, and a figure-it-out attitude.

Sales methodologies vary from organization to organization and there’s no one “right” way to sell. However, certain skills set reps up for more success. The sales leaders we interviewed described top-performing reps as gritty, scrappy, proactive, and solution-oriented. They take ownership over their pipeline and their goals.

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Dooly's 9 X-Factors of High-Performing Salespeople ebook

They manage their time well.

While time management is important for everyone, it’s crucial for sellers to make the most of every minute. So it’s no surprise that the best reps are pros at optimizing their calendar and minimizing distractions.

In our interviews, we found that top-performing reps spend the majority of their time on high-value prospect- and customer-facing activities — and when working on those activities, they tackle the most important conversations, interactions, and tasks first.

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“A great way to miss quota is to spend 60% of your day muddling around Slack and email. Cut the fat and make an impact.”
Nick Cegelski

Account Executive at Time by Ping

Being open to feedback coupled with iteration with a sense of urgency allows high performing reps to learn and develop at a faster rate.”

Brian Lee, Senior Sales Director, Pavilion

They are coachable and adaptable.

According to a recent Salesforce study, 79% of reps say they’ve had to adapt quickly to new ways of selling. And the top-performing reps are able to switch up processes and strategies on the fly.

Additionally, the best reps aren’t stuck in their ways. They’re able to take feedback and use it to its fullest potential. 75% of the sales leaders we interviewed said coachability is a characteristic of every top-performing sales rep.

They automate repetitive tasks.

We already mentioned the importance of time management. But the best reps find ways to streamline and automate the tasks that are overwhelming and time consuming.


Top performers are 2.8X more likely to use AI (artificial intelligence). They see time as money and take steps to guard their calendar against non-revenue generating tasks at all costs.

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