Deal Reviews

A 360° view of your team’s deals, no Salesforce report required.

Ditch the status updates and manual spreadsheets. Dooly is an easier way to inspect your team’s pipeline and understand the ins-and-outs of a deal before your review meeting, helping you focus your coaching efforts for maximum impact.

Main view of Dooly's DealSpace product.

On-demand deal visibility.

Scrambling to catch up on your reps’ pipeline 5-minutes before your 1-on-1 isn’t doing you or your team any favors. Sales leaders are spread thin and these review meetings quickly go from strategy sessions to “get-me-up-to-speed” deal downloads so you can put together a forecast report for your boss before EOW.

With Dooly, get the 360° deal visibility you crave, in the moments you need it. Turn into the strategic leader you strive to be rather than the boss that’s always one step behind.

An online calendar filled with too many meetings for pipeline and deal reviews.
An online calendar filled with too many meetings for pipeline and deal reviews.
Using the filter menu to add a set of filters to the Dooly pipeline.

Quickly inspect pipeline and prioritize key deals.

Stop finicking with Salesforce reports to inspect your team’s pipeline. With Dooly, pull in key Salesforce fields and filter by rep, close date, or stage to create a pipeline view that helps prioritize the deals worth discussing in your next 1-on-1 conversations.

Stylized graphic of some of the main cards in DealSpace.

Get up to speed in minutes.

Dig deeper into a particular deal with DealSpace, Dooly’s dedicated environment for organized deal reviews. Combine Salesforce data with contextual deal information and run a deal review the way you want to. At a glance, see how a deal has progressed or stalled by pulling in an AI notes summary, qualification criteria, and upcoming tasks.

Spend more time coaching.

Transform your 1-on-1’s into coachable moments. Discuss priority deals one at a time and coach your rep on moving it to closed won. Use your time together to create a plan of action, identify risks and roadblocks, and outline a winning strategy.

Close up of the Action Plan card used in Dooly's DealSpace, which includes fields for open tasks, next meeting, and next step.

Packed with features to power up your deal reviews.

More productive reviews

Focus your attention on priority deals with DealSpace’s deal-by-deal presentation view. Quickly know if a deal has progressed or stalled and use custom cards to document plans of action, roadblocks, and next steps – all within the DealSpace environment.

A deal’s full picture

Customize your DealSpace view so it pulls the crucial information you want to know about a particular deal. Blend together Salesforce data with contextual insights from reps to get the full story of an opportunity. Easily determine if all qualification fields are completed, discuss key players and buyers, or create tasks to be completed.

Customizable pipeline views

Get a snapshot of your team’s pipeline by creating customized pipeline views without switching tabs to Salesforce. Filter by key details like opportunity owner, close date, deal stage and more to keep your finger on the pulse of priority deals.

AI note summaries

Don’t have time to read about a deal? Get the quick synopsis with automatic AI note summaries that data from all associated notes in Dooly. Any stakeholder can understand where a deal is without scouring endless notes, transcripts, or watching call recordings.

Deal and account vitals

Quickly uncover deal health to prioritize actions and identify missing data. Vitals automatically detect factors that need attention for deals to close faster and help you identify key talking points for your 1-on-1’s.

Private manager notes

Document your insights on a reps performance, deal progression, and more with private manager notes for each deal. Align on next steps and remind yourself of future coaching opportunities.

See Dooly in action.

Explore how Dooly gives you the full picture on your entire pipeline, so you can make the most of your deal reviews.