4 Strategies for Identifying Hot Opportunities in Your Sales Team’s Pipeline

Some deals close. Some don’t.
That’s just the reality.

What sets top-performing sales teams apart is the ability to recognize which deals are likely to close, and not waste time and resources on leads that are a lost cause.

Dooly takes the guesswork out of your sales pipeline, helps you prioritize key deals, and provide better visibility to your team for more accurate forecasting. Get a Dooly demo.

Here are 4 ways to identify hot opportunities, and how Dooly can be the lifeline for your pipeline:


Managing Larger Deals

When it comes to your opportunities, deal size matters. And when sales managers need to see a rundown of the largest deals in the pipeline (and for each individual rep!), it can be frustrating to update and visualize those deals one by one.

With Dooly, you can create a custom pipeline view to quickly and easily check the pulse on your team’s largest deals. Simply sort by “Amount” and/or “Account” in your Dooly Pipeline view, as seen below.

This can save hours of scrubbing through your CRM searching for your biggest opportunities, when you could be using that time to close them.


Opportunities With Missing Information

One of the easiest ways to see which deals are hot is by identifying which deals are not.

Instead of looking at each record individually, you can create a list of opportunities in your pipeline with low dollar amounts that don’t have clear next steps established.

Sales leaders are always looking for ways to DQ pipeline because there’s often missing or inaccurate data. It takes seconds to build this custom pipeline view in Dooly, and could save hours of time wasted on leads less likely to close.

Cameron Kinney, Sales Manager at Formstack says “I now can see my team’s pipeline and history of notes in a simple, user-friendly view, immediately update necessary fields, and pull high-level metrics on the fly.”


Identifying Missing Decision-Makers

If your team doesn’t know who the decision maker is, you can’t exactly expect that deal to close any time soon, right?

Use Dooly’s Pipeline View to filter out any deals that don’t have the decision maker identified, so you know which opps to pursue.

Under your Pipeline view, simply add a filter for “Economic Buyer is blank”, save that Pipeline View, and name it.

Use this list to fill in the information needed, or disqualify the lead, keep your pipeline clean and accurate, and move on.


Managing Leads In The Signing Phase

So you have deals that are about to close— woohoo! Wouldn’t it be terrible if something was overlooked at this stage?

Make sure all the boxes are checked for these deals, like MSA terms are accurate and up to date, NDA is in place, etc.

Just add a filter to your Dooly pipeline showing you deals in the “contracting” stage.

These are your hottest leads that you can’t let die on the vine. Make sure they get to closed won faster.

Look, your team isn’t going to close every opportunity — that’s unrealistic. But you can identify which leads are most likely to convert, prioritize them, and close more winnable deals faster.

Thousands of top-performing sales teams use Dooly every day to have a more predictable, repeatable, and successful sales process. Speak with a product expert for a demo of Dooly now, and take control of your sales pipeline.

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