How CrowdRiff automated admin tasks and increased revenue with Dooly.

Courtney Malinas
Director of Sales, CrowdRiff

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CrowdRiff logo.

CrowdRiff is an AI-powered visual marketing platform for travel and tourism brands that allows them to deliver top-performing visual content to their marketing channels. CrowdRiff partnered with Dooly to automate their sales process and sell more.


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The challenge.

CrowdRiff’s sales team was drowning in tedious administrative tasks.

Sales reps wasted precious selling time with no tools to optimize their day-to-day activities. With a pretty lean tech stack, a lot of tasks were done manually, such as activity logs, CRM updates, and meeting notes.

This inefficient sales process was having a negative impact on revenue.

Group photo of the CrowdRiff team outdoors at a company event.

The solution.

CrowdRiff found that Dooly covered several key steps for its team in one — they no longer have to copy and paste notes over into Salesforce, log the activity, connect the required people, or go back into opportunities to update the fields.

“My team uses Dooly every single day and I’m in there with various team members throughout the week mainly through Pipeline, to get a high-level understanding of where deals sit in their pipeline,” says Courtney Malinas, the Director of Sales at CrowdRiff.

Dooly automates the tasks that reps always did manually and gives managers visibility into what’s going on day-to-day. Dooly’s ease-of-use has made it possible to add more fields to the CRM, feeding more data into the sales process, which ultimately results in better meetings and more sales.

The results.

The greatest impact Dooly has made in CrowdRiff’s sales organization is a mindset change.

Free from the burden of endless admin tasks, the sales team now has a mindset of writing that follow-up email after a call as opposed to worrying about their CRM hygiene.

“Because Dooly’s capturing more data, it helps our teams remember and respond more quickly to prospects. They’re now spending time on what actually helps them win more deals,” says Courtney.

Her team has even set up a template in Dooly that allows them to close/win opportunities, so they don’t have to log into Salesforce to do that anymore. It includes all the fields that need to be filled out, so when her team sends their notes to CS, the only task they need to go into Salesforce for is to upload the contract.

Dooly made such a difference in a short period of time that CrowdRiff is now rolling out the tool to their customer success division.

“Ultimately, Dooly helps us drive more revenue,” says Reza Saeedi, Market Development Lead at CrowdRiff.

“Dooly was a lot simpler to implement for our team because it’s all housed under one solution. We could find three separate tools for all of these problems or we just use Dooly!”

Courtney Malinas
Director of Sales, CrowdRiff

Streamlined workflow, ensuring more efficient data management.

Significantly reduced time spent on administrative tasks

Improved efficiency in deal closures and pipeline management, leading to more deals being won.