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Deal And Account Health: A Public Service Announcement From Dooly

Pablo Penades

Mar 25, 2024

In today’s macro-economic climate, the ability to spot trouble before it snowballs into a crisis or to catch a glimmer of opportunity that could be leveraged can mean the difference between a closed won and a lost deal, or a renewal that doesn’t close at its original forecast.

For operations and enablement professionals, ensuring that revenue teams are attentive to their deal and account health quality is crucial.

Plus… Only 67% of salespeople actually hit their number.

When we came across that stat we were 🤯 . After talking with both reps and sales leaders, there were a ton of reasons. But what it came down to was the fact that deals often just slip through the cracks.

Sellers have so much going on.

That’s why we launched deal vitals back a couple of years back. You wanted a way to set up warnings and other beacons on your sales process.

Visibility, necessary. Prevention, the solution – you might even say it’s vital to the process. 😉 

The Dooly pipeline with a preview of an account’s vitals overlaid on top.

Dooly Vitals: the roadmap

In 2022, we launched Deal Vitals to give you a snapshot of how every one of your reps’ opportunities are doing, in real time so they know what they need to do to move them forward and hit quota. Vitals worked at the Opportunity record level.

By flagging opportunities that are slipping through the cracks, Deal Vitals have made it easy for reps to stay on top of their pipeline.

In 2023, we incorporated Vitals into the Account record, so now customer success and account managers can assess the health of their account, and get ready to protect churn or create expansion revenue opportunities. And after all the feedback collected, we got back into the lab in late 2023 and we’re happy to announce more customization for your Vitals signals.

We heard you. 👂🏼👂🏼👂🏼👂🏼

You needed more understanding and the ability to monitor deals and account health. It is part of any sales or customer success rep’s day-to-day. And we know the importance of it. 

We’re enhancing our Vitals capabilities to give your business more customization in the signals they need to assess either opportunities or accounts’ health. Dooly’s Vitals give you customer health scoring by enriching the context of Salesforce with meeting attendee and calendar data.

These indicators are key in determining potential risks of a deal. This ensures that customer health is not just a subjective measure but a dynamic, data-driven insight.

🚨 The New Advanced Vitals 🚨

All Dooly admins are now able to: 

  • Configure Vitals for Opportunities (existing) and Accounts (new) Salesforce records.
  • Configure Vitals for more record types  and different stages.
  • Pull in information beyond Salesforce data — now include Meeting Engagement indicators.

Because supporting your processes and how your team runs their day-to-day in Dooly requires this enhanced level of customization. 

With these upgrades, you can create stronger warning signals for your team deals and accounts, beyond just Salesforce data, so your teams work on top of your process and help maintain the robust data coverage you care about.

Available since March 2024 in Dooly. The ability to configure custom vitals is only available to Premier accounts.


Well, there’s 3 things you could do right away:

  1. Spend 5 minutes and learn more in this step-by-step article  (5 minutes)
  2. Spend 7 and watch this video with real examples and best practices from our head of CS Daga
  3. Spend 18 minutes in a a no-strings-attached setup session with Customer Success to assess how-to add vitals in your processes.
  4. Spend as much time as you want and play around with Vitals in this interactive demo.