Dooly is the Scratchpad alternative that squashes more than Salesforce gruntwork.

Scratchpad is a tool for individual reps to keep their pipeline up to date.

Dooly has this, and so much more. With Dooly, reps sell more and admin less, managers build rock-solid forecasts, and leaders have all the deal data they need, when they need it.

Why top-performing sales teams choose Dooly over Scratchpad

If you want to build a winning sales process and close more deals faster, you need more than just a pipeline editor. That's why Dooly has guided playbooks, templates, integrations, and real-time deal enablement Scratchpad simply doesn't have.

Scratchpad vs Dooly

3 reasons to choose Dooly over Scratchpad.

scratchpad vs dooly notes

Standardize Your Sales Process

Dooly lets reps pull in key questions, Salesforce fields, sales process templates, and more right into their notes so they can win predictably with a repeatable sales workflow.

scratchpad vs dooly pipeline

Stay On Top Of Every Deal

Dooly gives reps a snapshot of how their opps are doing in real time so they know the right next steps to move them forward.
scratchpad vs dooly playbook

Enable Reps in Real Time

Dooly surfaces the content sellers need live on their calls, like answers to common objections, competitive intel, and more.

Dooly is what revenue teams use instead of Scratchpad when they want to clone their best sales reps, improve forecast accuracy, and consistently exceed quota.

Sound like you?

colleen mann

“Dooly helps our team win more deals… getting information surfaced to you when you need it is extremely useful in asking better questions.”

Colleen Mann, Manager,
Global Sales Tech Ops, BigCommerce

Scratchpad vs Dooly

Dooly fits into your existing workflow.

Employees switch between tasks and tools every three minutes, wasting ~60% of work hours. That's why Dooly has made it a priority to integrate with the tools reps use 24/7 - to keep you focused on selling.

Integration Dooly Scratchpad
Google Calendar
Google Chrome
Google Drive
Office 365
Scratchpad vs Dooly

There are sales enablement tools that come 
with table stakes features.

Then there’s Dooly: Helping reps squash objections in the moment and win more deals, faster.

Feature Dooly Scratchpad
Dashboard Overview
Chrome Extension
Notes Tool
Tasks Tool
Pipeline Management
Custom Views
Smart Triggers
Deal Highlights
Slack Integration

Scratchpad vs. Dooly Pricing

Dooly comes with more useful features and integrations for revenue teams, AND costs $14 less (per user per month) than Scratchpad - saving you $8,400 a year for a typical sales team with 50 reps.



Best for individuals looking to get started.

user / month

Best for small-sized revenue teams.

user / month

Best for medium and large-sized revenue teams.

user / month



For sellers who want to save themselves 5+ hours of Salesforce busy work a week.

user / month


For teams who want to standardize their sales process and drive more revenue.

user / month


For large orgs with distributed teams, need advanced config, and want full service.

user / month

With more affordable options and less feature restrictions, there’s a Dooly plan for everyone.

Here's what people say about Dooly compared to Scratchpad.

Jonathan Cathcart avatar
"Besides having a superior UI, what really makes Dooly stand out from competitors like Scratchpad is its Playbooks functionality. Playbooks deliver key content in the moment by surfacing material you've previously set up based on keywords that are spoken on the call or typed in your notes."
Jonathan Cathcart

Account Manager, Productboard

Gabe Bernstein avatar
"Dooly removes the headache of working in Salesforce, and even makes it an enjoyable experience. Dooly is a more baked out and comprehensive workspace than Scratchpad and Hero.app that includes several more features to help organize your accounts and workspace."
Gabe Bernstein

Account Executive, AdQuick

Cliff Simon avatar
"What made my mind up to go with Dooly over a year ago was the speed with which I could run a pipeline review (5 min or less) and the ease with which my team could go in and access templates and battlecards which decreased their ramp time and increased productivity."
Cliff Simon

VP of Sales & Revenue, Carabiner Group


Scratchpad is a good tool for reps to keep their pipeline up to date. But revenue teams need more than that.

Which is exactly why Dooly offers playbooks, templates, and 3X more integrations to set the entire team up for success.

From on-call sales enablement, smart templates, and more robust integrations, Dooly sets your sales squad up to crush your revenue goals.

Still not sure?

Hey, we get it. It’s a big decision, and you want to make sure you’re getting the right tool for the right price.

Let’s talk about it over coffee, lunch, or some of our custom hot sauces.

We’d love the chance to show you why the world’s top revenue teams pick Dooly over Scratchpad.


Can I use Dooly for free?

Yes, there is a free version of Dooly. Click here to download the free Dooly Chrome Extension. You can also start a 2-week trial of Dooly’s paid version before you commit.

Which has better pricing, Dooly or Scratchpad?

Scratchpad has three packages, ranging from $0 up to $79 per user. Dooly offers four unique levels of service, ranging from $0 to just $60 per user. Depending on the size and maturity of your business, there’s a Dooly plan for you. Visit our pricing page, or request a demo to see which plan is best for you.

How do I download Dooly?

It’s extremely simple. Visit start.dooly.ai, Log into your Salesforce account, and you’re all set. (Don’t worry, your SFDC data is completely safe and secure.)

Is Dooly worth the money?

Dooly has been known to save sales reps more than 5 hours of Salesforce data entry work per week. Even at a standard 20% close rate, that could mean 5-10 more demos held each week, 5 extra hours spent researching a key decision maker, or 5 hours on the golf course instead of burning themselves out on admin gruntwork.

Click here to see how sales teams are using Dooly to win more deals in less time.