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With 220+ employees across offices in Kitchener, Vancouver and Boston—Vidyard’s Sales Leadership Team needed a tool that empowered them to have more meaningful conversations with their AE’s and SDR’s—rather than ones surrounding CRM hygiene. A video platform serving 800+ enterprise customers, including global leaders McKesson, Lenovo and LinkedIn, Vidyard had to find a solution that enabled their team across the board.

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Chris Koch, Sales Manager at Vidyard, knew he had to address the elephant in the room: his sales teams were taking notes ad hoc—some in Evernote, others in Google Docs, and the rest on scrap paper. There was no consolidation of his team’s notes and he found himself constantly nagging them to update Salesforce. He needed to be aware of the stage his team’s opportunities were in. When Chris first came across Dooly after connecting with Dooly’s CEO, Kris Hartvigsen, his initial thought was, “It’s neat, but I don’t know if it’s a real game changer.”It’s safe to say that Chris’ opinion changed when his team adopted Dooly!

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“There’s always room for improvement when it comes to CRM hygiene—and honestly, just overall communication between Sales and Customer Success,” says Chris. “It was frustrating because I felt many of the conversations I was having with my team were the same: annoying. I was always having to check-in that they had the next steps for their opportunities identified and up-to-date. Rather than having strategic conversations, they were always about all the administrative tasks that no one wanted to deal with. After implementing Dooly, I’ve seen a big improvement.”Sharing the same sentiment as other Sales Leaders who have introduced Dooly within their organization, Chris mentions, “It not only helps my team, but it helps keep me in the loop by providing a transparent view into their day. Their notes are actually getting into Salesforce now because Dooly automatically takes care of all of that for them.”

“It’s what my team does with Dooly’s time savings that matters. What I care about most is that everyone who needs specific information, has that information—instantly. That’s what makes for a better customer experience and a more productive team.”

Chris Koch

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“Anyone considering Dooly should be thinking of it much more than a time savings tool. I think of it as the great communicator: getting you the information you need, when you need it,” says Chris.At Vidyard, several of their deals start off by rolling out their solution to a small group for about a year, but once the value is proven, the deal expands to upwards of 100 users. “Seamless handovers from Sales to Launch to Customer Success are vital to the health of our business,” says Chris. “If the initial handoff is a good experience, our teams can deliver a great experience for the customer.”Moreover, Chris has seen a massive difference in the quality of conversations taking place in his 1:1’s with his team. “I don’t have to waste time talking about all the things Dooly frees up my team from doing now—I can actually spend time discussing details about the opportunity itself. Dooly allows me to strategically plan how my team can best go about winning deals, rather than chase them down for not updating certain fields in Salesforce,” says Chris.

“The conversations all of the Sales Managers are having with their teams now are much more vital and less administrative… which is a way better use of everyone’s time and more impactful to our business.”

Chris Koch

“The entire Dooly team is super attentive. On a number of occasions, multiple Dooly team members have offered to come in and help train our teams, when we hadn’t even necessarily asked for it—which is just another testament to how much you care,” says Chris. “We’re excited to keep using Dooly and ensuring our teams are using its features to the fullest!”


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