From chaotic processes to consistency in selling

Brings tools, people and processes together and standardize how your sales and CS teams close more revenue with Dooly

Reduce rep-level admin work and improve handoffs

Enable teams with templates and views

Gain CRM hygiene and  forecast accuracy

Main view of Dooly's DealSpace product.
Adding information to a Dooly meeting note and then syncing the note activity to Salesforce.
Adjusting the Salesforce stage of a deal in the Dooly Pipeline, along with a pop up that shows when the field was last updated.

Tools for process-driven and efficiency-obsessed teams.

Smart Notes & Documents

Eliminate hours of soul-crushing admin with an automatic note system that syncs fields and notes to Salesforce.


Pipeline Manager

Visually, intuitively, and swiftly take control of your pipeline to keep your deals and account on track, and managers off your back.



Run best-in-class deal reviews with a customizable deal-by-deal view that summarizes exactly what you want to know about your team’s pipeline.


(Even) Smarter moves powered by AI

Dooly’s Sales AI that suggests actionable next steps on deals based on Smart notes.


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“Salesforce is the source of truth but we need to know that the information in it is accurate. Dooly holds our team accountable 100% of the time. As we continue to grow, it has helped the team to form that habit of accountability and keep deal information quality.”


Courtney Malinas

Your process isn’t faulty, it’s just not being followed.

Your reps are still relying on spreadsheets, taking notes in GDocs, Apple notes, or pieces of paper, making forecasts a guessing game. 

Deal information gets lost in translation, and handoffs between BDRs and reps, or sales and customer success feels like a game of whispers. 

Let alone the admin work and all the multi-tabbing, taking over 70% of reps and account managers time instead of spending it on what matters: selling.

Stylized graphic showing a jumble of sales tools such as Google Sheets, Apple Notes, and Google Docs, which are used in in a chaotic, and hard to follow sales process.

Dooly unlocks your team sales productivity thanks to a light workspace with automations, integrations, and templates.

Graphic showing the Dooly app icon as the only open app in a Mac app bar.
Graphic showing the Dooly app icon as the only open app in a Mac app bar.

Integrated with your favourite tools, of course.

To make work more efficient, Dooly connects dynamically with Salesforce, Gong, Slack, Outreach, Salesloft and your G-Suite tools. Work deals your way.


Chrome Extension

Open Dooly on any site to create or update any opportunity, account, contact, or lead.


Google Calendar

Start a smart note from your calendar and auto-add attendees to your note.


Dooly follows your outbound motion in Outreach so critical field updates and call notes make it back to Salesforce.


Collaborate with key stakeholders and keep your team in the loop by getting deal updates in Slack.


Watch Gong calls within your Dooly notes to get key details and action items from the call into Salesforce instantly.


Get your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles displayed right in your meeting note, like your personal assistant for prepwork.

Empower your team with sales technology that works for them – intuitive, responsive, and tailored to your process.

Adjusting the Salesforce stage of a deal in the Dooly Pipeline, along with a pop up that shows when the field was last updated.

A complete full sales cycle cockpit in one interface

Access to this tool-set to roll out processes and reduce admin work inefficiencies:

  • Pipeline manager
  • Meeting notes and documents
  • Weekly planner
  • Task Manager
  • Individual deal and account views
  • AI deal summarization

That auto-sync to Salesforce  and integrate with the rest of your team’s tech stack.

Simple. Clear. Intuitive.

Dooly is a single-page workspace designed with end users in mind. 

Dooly matches how reps want to work while getting admin work done for them. Operations and enablement reduce training time and accelerate productivity from day one so their teams can sell with consistency, and hit OTE. 

No more jumping between tabs!

Main view of Dooly's DealSpace product.
Adding information to a Dooly meeting note and then syncing the note activity to Salesforce.

Improve your CRM hygiene.

Dooly helps your rev org reach record efficiency, and gets you the clean data you need. 

Get sales and CS teams collecting and sharing clean, accurate data and updating their deals in real-time. 

This results in a more efficient sales organization with predictable outcomes and repeatable processes.

“Dooly changes the game for salespeople. What used to take 2 hours a day now takes 30 minutes with Dooly. We can focus on selling instead of dealing with Salesforce’s updating nightmare.”


Kyle Parrish
VP of Sales, Figma

Dooly powers every team in your revenue organization.

Illustration of a sales funnel.

Dooly makes it easy to take notes, update Salesforce, and manage every deal so sales teams can focus on money-making moves that get reps hit their quotas with more consistency.


Illustration of an upward arrow.
Customer Success

From sales handoffs to managing expansion opportunities, Dooly gives CS teams a workspace to manage accounts, build playbooks and templates for onboarding sessions, QBRs, and renewal conversations.


Illustration of a mechanical cog.
Operations & Enablement

Create an integrated sales hub with the security and controls you need to scale your sales process while keeping your CRM clean. Easily integrate process into your team’s daily workflow with templates and playbooks that the guesswork out of deal progression


Process-driven sales and CS teams use Dooly for:

Sales Cycle Management

Auto-syncing tools for your team to tackle pipeline management, deal prioritization, inspections, meeting prep, and more, throughout the sales cycle.

Renewals & Expansion

Help your customer success teams easily manage and influence expansion and renewal contracts of their accounts.

Efficient Deal Reviews

Using DealSpace you stop playing catch up on deals and start using one-on-one time to strategize on advancing deals to closed won.

Frictionless Team Handoffs

Simplify knowledge transfer in deals. Design processes for new and existing business, from SDR to AE, AE to CSM, and CSM onwards. 

Unlock the power of Dooly’s connected workspace for your sales processes today.

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