Save 5+ hours of Salesforce
gruntwork every week.

Dooly is the fastest way to update Salesforce, take sales notes, and easily
manage all your deals so nothing slips through the cracks.

Ready in 30 seconds. No setup.

  • Meeting notes

  • Note templates

  • Pipeline updates

  • Task manager

Top sales teams
kick SaaS with Dooly.

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You were born to sell, not do data entry.

Every minute you waste waiting for Salesforce to load, you could be selling.
Stop rage-clicking through 100 tabs. There's a better way.

You could be selling on easy mode.

That's why we built Dooly. Control the chaos and sell more
without Salesforce slowing you down.

Before Dooly

Notes are chaos

Copy and pasting sucks

CRM police nag for updates

Pipeline updates take forever

Wasted time searching for content

After Dooly

Every note in one place

Smart sync to Salesforce

No more shoulder taps

Update multiple deals fast

Right content comes to you

Dooly is a godsend to my AEs saving them up to 5 hours a week between streamlining pre-call prep, post call notes, and general Salesforce pipeline updating.
Mark EcksteinRevenue Enablement Manager

Instantly sync your notes to Salesforce.

Spend more time with your customers and less time organizing and logging your notes. Take notes and Dooly syncs everything to Salesforce for you.

Create and share templates for how you sell

See everyone's notes in one place

Share notes with anyone

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Update your pipeline in seconds. No more tab chaos.

Save hours of Salesforce hassle with 1-click edits you can make from one easy dashboard.

Update anything in Salesforce from one tab

Filter down to see what you want

Easily create and share views

Learn more about Pipeline →

Stop searching for content. Make it come to you.

Always know what to say on your calls. Close more deals with talking points, content, and battlecards that pop live in your notes from what gets said.

Never stumble over objections again

Get relevant content live when you need it

Link your call recordings to your note

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Instantly stop your CRM suffering

Say goodbye to busywork you hate.