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Let’s face it—you’ve hacked together your own version of a CRM. You’re dreadingly copying and pasting your notes for hours from Google Docs or Evernote into Salesforce—trying your best to consolidate two systems. Add the time you spend looking for relevant case studies or answers to objections… and it’s no wonder you’re spending less than half your time selling.

What if instead the content found you, and your notes were automatically pushed back to the relevant areas in Salesforce? Better yet, what if you always had the perfect story to tell or questions to ask right at your fingertips?

  • You save time.

    You take notes, and we’ll automatically make sure every field, task, activity and opportunity is up-to-date.

  • Your content finds you.

    Forget about wasting hours searching Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive to find the latest case study—Dooly will automatically send you the materials you need to close deals.

  • You win more.

    Never stumble over objections again—Dooly’s got your back.

Discover how Intercom’s sales reps close more deals with Dooly.

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