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Sales Ops

We get it—you need data on your team’s process to appropriately forecast sales and understand when and why you win. How else are you going to determine your ideal customer profile, when to make that next sales hire, and what an ideal sales process looks like?

You need a simple way to retrieve all the information from your team’s conversations into a reportable fashion—because a transcript isn’t enough.

  • You collect more data.

    Automatically categorize your reps’ notes into reportable, field level data in Salesforce, without asking your reps to fill out a million sections.

  • You forecast accurately.

    When you understand what’s happening in every deal, it’s easy to see what will close and what deals are at risk.

  • You drive the sales engine.

    Creating executive, decision-making dashboards is a breeze when you can trust the quality of your data.

Learn how Liftoff’s SalesOps team stays up-to-date with Dooly.

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