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Sales Managers

Your biggest value to your team is coaching, but how much time do you really spend doing it?

It’s not easy—with incomplete Salesforce data, innacurate forecasts, and a barrage of basic product and sales questions, it’s no wonder most managers spend half their time trying to figure out what’s happening in deals vs. coaching reps on how to close them.

  • You get transparency.

    See your reps pipeline in “real-time” so you can go into every 1-on-1 knowing where they need help.

  • You get more time.

    Answers to marketing, product, and sales questions automatically pushed to reps before they even think to ask them.

  • You up your team’s skill level.

    Reinforce your coaching on every sales call with real-time playbooks and conversational guidance.

Understand how Vidyard’s Sales Managers have meaningful conversations with Dooly.

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