Google Drive Content

Have content pieces or sales enablement in GDrive you'd like AEs or CSMs to refer to and see on their calls? Turn them into Dooly content!

What if AEs, CSMS, or other members of the revenue team were able to get relevant GDrive documents in Dooly without having to search for them?

If you’re an Admin or Playbook Curator in Dooly you can use the attachments feature to create Playbook cards out of Google Drive content.

Connect your GDrive to your Dooly Playbook:

Go to Dooly and click your avatar (or initials) at bottom left

  1. Choose “Settings” >>“Integrations”
  2. Under Content, click to enable Google Drive integration
  3. Authorize Dooly with your Google account
  4. You now have integrated Dooly with Google Drive

Attach a Drive document to a Dooly card

Use the attachments feature in Dooly to create Playbook cards out of Google Drive content.

  • Search the sidebar to find the card to attach
  • Click “Attach to a new Dooly Card”
  • Add a Keyword Signal and Title
  • MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Distill the long-form content into 2-3 impactful talking points to deliver while in a meeting
  • Click “Published”

Have your GDrive content delivered to the team via easy to read cards and attachments! 

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