Dooly Chrome Extension

Access Dooly wherever you work: Outreach, Salesloft, SFDC, email, etc.

Why? Multitasking at its best! 🔥

While the Chrome extension is open with Outreach, SalesLoft or Salesforce itself, Dooly keeps up with your outbound motion so you never miss a beat. As you transition between records, click on the eyeball in Dooly to quickly create a new note for the account, opp, contact or lead you’re working on.

Here's how:

  1. Click the Dooly Chrome Extension while on a tab in Chrome.
  2. Browse Dooly with full functionality from the side – update opps and accounts, write notes, create follow-up tasks for yourself, and more.
  3. Click the eyeball in Dooly to keep up with your record transition in Salesforce, Outreach or SalesLoft.

Pro tip: Access Dooly while in other tech tools (like email), so you can update fields, write a note, create a task, etc.

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