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Blazing Fast Interface

Designed for speed. Simple, light, and beautiful. Stay out of Salesforce, live in Dooly.

1-Click Updates

Update anything you want in 1-click and everything syncs to Salesforce automatically in real-time.

Visual View

See your funnel visually with cards you can easily edit and move around.

Drag and Drop

Instantly update your deals or move columns with the drag of a mouse.

Dooly's boards view eliminates the tedious experience of having to update a sales funnel one opportunity at a time. What usually would take ~ 30 mins/week the old way, takes only 2 mins the new way!
Graham PowerSenior Sales Executive

See what matters to you

Everything you need to sell in one place
personalized for your needs.

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Create custom views

Save time with views you can pull up on the fly to see Salesforce data, your way.

Sort and filter with ease

Drill down as deep as you want instantly with advanced sorting and filtering.

Add unlimited fields

See anything you want - without limits - slice your pipeline data to infinity and beyond.

Organize with cards

Scan what’s happening on any deal with cards to make forecasting or catch up a breeze.

Dooly allows me to visualize my entire pipeline and columnize dynamic Salesforce fields alongside my opportunities and interact with them. It's phenomenal.
William HoldenEnterprise Account Executive

Prevent your deals
from dying on the vine

Improve visibility to keep
your deals on track.

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Access data fast in your 1:1s

Bring anyone up to speed in internal meetings wherever you are, on any device.

See your overdue next steps

Stay on top of your to-dos to stop your deals from slipping through the cracks.

Track your team progress

Easily see your team’s pipeline views at a glance to keep everyone on-target.

We tracked reps who used Dooly vs. those who did not and the data spoke for itself. Those who used Dooly brought in more revenue, had a cleaner pipeline and had cleaner Salesforce opportunities.
Mark EcksteinRevenue Enablement Manager

Works with the tools you already use

Dooly connects your tech stack to help you sell more, admin less.

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