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Smarter selling.

Tie together your CRM, enablement tools, and the team around you.

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Everything you need to capture, update, and enable your deals.


Your notes and conversations.

Sync your meeting notes, including any fields or tasks you add, straight to Salesforce with a single click.

Finally I can throw away Evernote, I can stop creating Google docs, and I can stop wasting time trying to find my last conversation notes in Salesforce.
Peter O'Toole, University Partnerships at Handshake
  • Calendar

    Stay on top of your day, tying your meeting notes, calendar and Salesforce together in one view.

  • Call Assistant

    Record and transcribe every call while Dooly finds and actions key insights for you.

  • Desktop App

    Save yourself from browser “tab-itis” and consolidate your work in one spot.

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Your team and Salesforce instantly.

Gain time back in your day by removing the things that slow you down. Every CRM update, every to-do, every back-and-forth with your team done when your call ends. You hunt, Dooly gathers.

Instead of reps fumbling in Salesforce to update their deals, they can get a holistic view in Dooly and make the needed changes in half the time.
Ariana Spina, Sales Enablement Manager at Upserve
  • Boards

    Get your Friday afternoons back, updating your entire pipeline from one screen—minus the clicks.

  • Tasks

    To do’s can get right out of hand, making your system for managing them fall apart. Dooly’s task manager… actually manages your tasks!

  • Collaboration

    Deals close faster when the whole team works together. Share notes, comments and best practices across the channels everyone works in.

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Your conversations with shared playbooks and deal intel.

Stay ahead of your buyer with the right questions and answers at your fingertips. Sprinkle in customer stories, deal insights and corporate sales tools driving better conversations.

Dooly feels like an extension of our own team—very personable, friendly, and always ready to help!
Louise O'Leary, Relationship Manager at Intercom
  • Playbooks

    Adapt to your buyers' signals with talk tracks that can include questions, selling tools, Salesforce fields and more.

  • Deal Intel

    Let Dooly pay attention to triggers in your deal, surfacing useful insights for you to share back with your customer.

  • Stories

    Tie the tribal knowledge and customer anecdotes your team collects directly to your buyers' cues.

Dooly integrates with your existing tools.

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