Dooly Fire Talks Episode Eleven

Mark Jung

Nov 11, 2020

This week’s guests in the hot seat joining hosts Mark jung @ Dooly and Daniel Disney @ The Daily Sales are Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell – Sales Development Manager @ Gong, Josh Roth – Sr Business Development Manager @ WalkMe, and Seth Klebe – Commercial Sales Manager @ New Relic.

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Josh Roth, Sr BD Manager @ WalkMe

Gabrielle Blackwell, Sales Development Manager @ Gong

Seth Klebe, Manager of Commercial Sales @ New Relic

Mark Jung

Head of Marketing

Mark Jung is Dooly’s VP of Marketing. He builds B2B SaaS brands that dominate their categories by creating new strategic narratives that people rally behind. Mark is a great podcast guest, a stellar Fire Talks show host, and a bona fide leader in the revenue marketing space.

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