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Envoy: Setting up Customer-facing Teams for Success

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Envoy creates tools for the modern workplace to streamline visitor management and deliveries. Their commitment to design, user experience, and security has attracted thousands of customers including Slack and Spotify. Envoy’s customer-facing team needed a sales enablement platform reflective of their values while also allowing them to better serve their existing and new customers.

Know what needs to get implemented—right off the bat

Envoy Office Check-in

Having started off her career as a Sales Development Representative and then working her way up to an Account Executive role—Anna Schmitt is no stranger to the world of sales. “At my past company, I was exploring opportunities in Partnerships and delving into that space… and a lot of that had to do with how you educate partners to sell the product. Through this process, we realized we didn't actually have anybody owning this for our internal teams. In the end, it made more sense to own that and start the Enablement team,” says Anna.

As someone in charge of onboarding and ongoing education for customer-facing teams, Anna makes sure that people have the tools they need to be productive and get their job done. After having the team use Dooly at my last company, I knew I had to implement it at Envoy when I joined as their Enablement Manager.”

Transparency into the organization's day-to-day activities

Team Envoy enjoying lunch

As an Enablement Manager, Anna is focused on making sure sales reps have what they need to do their jobs well. This means keeping the team updated on ever-changing product features and sales tactics, but especially in identifying gaps in knowledge. “I can't sit in on everyone's calls. Time is valuable and it's very slim over here. It's about being able to know what people are talking about and what they're saying to customers… ensuring that there's consistency in everything we do,” mentions Anna.

“Dooly has 100% helped me in tackling this. I now know that when an Account Executive passes an account over to one of our Success Managers, that the Success Manager will have all the information that they need and have a certain amount of background from the individual contributor level.” Anna also mentions that Dooly has been a lifesaver when it comes to seamless handovers across the team or when somebody leaves the organization. It’s easy to see what they’ve done and what notes they’ve taken… their manager or the new account owner can get up-to-speed on an account and see what needs to get done. It’s had a huge impact.”

I knew I had done my job when I heard the level of concern our team expressed when they mistakenly thought we were taking Dooly away.

Anna Schmitt
Enablement Manager at Envoy

Frictionless user experience that empowers teams to perform their best

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Adapt to your buyers' signals with talk tracks.

The Envoy team is quick to mention that it’s evident Dooly helps keep their customer-facing teams focused, contributing to the organization’s growth as a result. “Templates in Dooly have been a complete game changer. It’s the #1 feature our team talks about!” As an Enablement Manager, Anna’s a fan of being able to share templates created by some of their power users amongst the team, but mentions for the most part, they create their own customized ones to best suit their individual needs.

The biggest takeaway from my conversations with the team is that Dooly fit in so well with their existing process—they didn’t have to change anything. That’s the biggest win for using Dooly from my perspective: I don’t have to force anyone to use it.

Anna Schmitt
Enablement Manager at Envoy
The Envoy office

One of Envoy’s core values is to “Create great experiences” so it came as no surprise that their team kept this top of mind when selecting a sales enablement tool for their organization. “Dooly’s onboarding was super intuitive and frictionless which is important when getting people to adopt new tools. It allows our teams to stay up-to-date with the conversation and know that they can find the information they need in one place… which is a huge time saver and has an immense impact in keeping them focused!” says Anna.

When it comes to building an exceptional product, caring for customers or working together, the Dooly team aligns with Envoy’s values in that “the wow is in the details.” “Our entire experience with Dooly and the team has been so easygoing. I always come away enjoying it and wanting to talk to you guys again,” says Anna.

Our team can’t imagine their life before Dooly—it’d be very disorganized and time consuming!

Anna Schmitt
Enablement Manager at Envoy

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