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Contentful is how modern companies work with content. It’s content infrastructure for creating and managing content, backed by the tools for delivering it anywhere. Contentful’s sales and customer success teams needed a better way to track Salesforce data that could align their international team spanning San Francisco to Berlin. Today, Contentful allows developers and editors to work simultaneously and ship digital products worldwide.

The power of team alignment

When Meghan Freas first started at Contentful as a Customer Success Manager, she was quick to notice that no one had their notes living in one place. “People were using all sorts of different tools; Google Docs, Evernote, the Notes App. Everything would (eventually) get logged into Salesforce, but you know how it is, Salesforce notes aren’t exactly nice to read or to edit,” explains Meghan.

Meghan goes on to mention, “Our teams are split across two offices; San Francisco and Berlin. The most important thing, and the hardest aspect, is everything being asynchronous, where everyone is putting everything into a central location. It’s really helpful for us because we have customers who might have a salesperson in one office, CSM in another office, maybe even a remote CSM, something between Berlin and San Francisco, might be in New York… and then we’re coordinating all of these different people. When evaluating if a tool will meet the needs of an international team, you have to keep these things in mind. People are always travelling, so having a place where everyone can work together and not necessarily be involved at the exact same time is crucial. I found Dooly super helpful for travelling, it makes it easy to take notes and sync them later. Being able to share the notes is great, and standardization is great and especially important when people aren’t at the same office.”For Meghan, having all the information at her fingertips is extremely helpful to quickly catch up on deals without digging through Salesforce. According to her, ease of use is why Dooly was adopted so quickly across the organization. “It’s hard for us to know if someone even logged notes. Maybe there was a call someone wasn’t involved in because of their time difference, maybe you even forgot to go read the notes, but now you can just jump into Dooly and catch up really quickly. The editing experience in Dooly is much nicer compared to working in Salesforce directly,” explains Meghan.

“When I first started at Contentful, we were a team of 26—now, we’re at 260. In that growth phase, you develop a lot of bad habits; like not using tasks within Salesforce or taking your individual notes separately. We needed a tool that was GDPR compliant.”

Because of Dooly, Contentful’s customer-facing teams now take their notes in one place and share them. Having transitioned into a Customer Success Operations Manager role, Meghan was relieved to know the tool remained to serve her needs. “I still use Dooly in internal meetings because of it’s convenient editing, the Google Calendar integration, and setting up templates for the team, which we’ll continue to do as we standardize more of our processes and build out our enablement piece for our CSM team.” Meghan also notes, “We also use it for sharing our learnings with the rest of the company. We have a template in there called ‘customer learnings note,’ which we use to share anecdotes from customers and it goes to our Google distribution list. We’re now giving people updates that they never would’ve been able to get before; they wouldn’t have heard those stories without Dooly.”

“The buying process was totally seamless for us and the ramp process for Dooly is next to nothing because it’s super intuitive. We don’t train people on it because they figure it out on their own.”

Meghan Freas

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Easy handovers and providing visibility in complex sales cycles

Dooly isn’t just for sales and customer success departments. Contentful’s Head of Product, Head of Marketing, Head of Growth, and CEO all have Dooly accounts. As Meghan puts it, “They can access customer learnings and the summaries from the live conversation in the Dooly notes. They can go directly there and get all of that context without having to weed through Salesforce call notes vs. emails. Dooly lessens the distance between the C-level and the frontlines.”Fred Pullin, Enterprise Account Executive, mentions “Now everyone can start hopping in and writing notes in Dooly. What’s interesting is that if you have one good sales person on a call, I want that SDR to sit with us and learn so we can compare notes. I always want to hear what SDRs are hearing because it’s usually different from what I hear. It takes experience to hear everything correctly, even if you’re the best sales person in the world or the best negotiator in the world, you’re still going to require multiple ears.” According to Fred, Dooly forces people to write better notes. More often than not, you wrote those notes for yourself, but now you know people will be using them collaboratively so you make an honest effort.

“Our Solutions Engineer made a point that whenever we want her to go on a call and do a demo; to inform her of the purpose it serves, and what goal we want to accomplish for that customer. That template now already lives in Dooly!”

Fred Pullin

“Dooly has impacted our AE to CS handover process since previously it had been a challenge with the teams in different locations. We have a lot of handover because the team is growing; we have CSM to CSM handovers and AE to AE handovers of accounts. Having put templates in Dooly, AEs and Sales Engineers can easily look back at their sales notes, and it’s all in one place,” shares Meghan. “This allows them to be prepared for kickoffs and ensures we have everything necessary without having to build out something complicated in Salesforce.”

Impacting the team’s ability to win business

According to Contentful’s sales and customer success teams, Dooly sped up their sales cycle by streamlining their efforts.“ It’s been helpful for the CS side of things in terms of keeping yourself reminded of what opportunities you may have discovered with a customer during your last meeting. You may have made a note that the customer said in 3 months they’re going to be starting this project, so in the next QBR, you can be sure to ask them about this. When you’re in a meeting and you’re jotting down notes it’s a little crazy and you go back later and you don’t know what it was even related to.

“We’re able to understand a lot better what’s happening with the customer thanks to Dooly. Being able to see things in a more structured format allows for the next person to know what’s going on.”

Meghan Freas

Shared values are key in the decision-making process

Aligned company values play a major role in Contentful’s decision-making process when deciding which new technology to implement. “One of our company values is ‘talk openly’ so we’re big on transparency and keeping everyone on the same page. Having tools that can integrate with our other tools to keep the team synced is really important for us—which is just one of the many reasons we love Dooly. Putting our notes directly into Salesforce is helpful for keeping teams up-to-date,” says Meghan. “Another one of our company values is ‘take ownership.’ We’re big on taking responsibility and accountability for the things that we do so there’s full transparency and visibility into what’s going on with the customer. We’re an API company so we like anything that’s integrable—that’s definitely good for us. Dooly aligns with our business,” mentions Meghan.

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