How CodeSignal increased their gross retention rate by 10% with Dooly.

Siobhan Alexander
Head of Customer Success Operations, CodeSignal

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CodeSignal, a leading technical interview and assessment solution platform, that helps companies identify the right candidates with the right skills, partnered with Dooly to make data-driven decisions to retain and expand their customer base.


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The challenge.

When CodeSignal hired new leadership for its Customer Success team, they had little data to make decisions. Although they had an experienced team, decisions were made based on intuition, and little was documented in the CRM.

“There wasn’t a lot that we could go look at to pull apart our customer base and understand what’s working and what’s not,” says Siobhan Alexander, Head of Customer Success Operations at CodeSignal.

They started looking at what kind of information they needed the team to track but found that inputting information into Salesforce was difficult for the team, especially across 50 accounts.

“If we’re asking for that information consistently,” says Siobhan, “it’s putting a lot of admin work onto teams that are already stretched for bandwidth and time, and that would rather be talking to customers, having strategic conversations and building relationships, which is what we’ve hired them to come in and do.”

The solution.

CodeSignal found that Dooly was the perfect tool to solve their lack of data problem.

From how easy it is to input data and view it, to the templated structure that makes handoffs between sales and CS a breeze, to its note taking features, Dooly allowed the CodeSignal team to standardize their processes.

“Dooly married everything that we were looking for,” says Siobhan, “especially being a small startup and a fast moving team. It gave us something light and super easy to implement that checked all of our boxes and it made it really exciting for us to go pursue and evaluate further.”

The results.

Dooly has been saving CSMs at CodeSignal a lot of time, which has had an impact on the customer experience and the retention rates.

“Because we’ve had a better grasp on the business and because we’ve been able to double down and use that extra time in more strategic, more proactive ways,” says Siobhan, “we’ve seen our gross retention rate in our customer base go up by about 10 percent over the last year, which for us has been critical.”

Dooly has also improved the team’s forecasting. “As we know what’s going on in our customer base, we’ve been able to get our forecast by the end of the quarter to about a 5 percent skew on where we expect to land in renewals versus where we’re actually landing, which has been amazing.”

“Having the insights from the CSMs, understanding where our customers are, knowing that the information that we're getting is updated, it's relevant, it's accessible, to the rest of the company to go make key decisions has been really, really helpful.”

Siobhan Alexander
Head of Customer Success Operations, CodeSignal