How BigCommerce used Dooly to increase pipeline visibility by 50%.

Colleen Mann
Director, GTM Data Strategy and Stewardship, BigCommerce

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BigCommerce is a leading Open SaaS ecommerce platform that empowers merchants of all sizes to build, innovate and grow their businesses online. They partnered with Dooly to increase productivity, visibility, and efficiency during the sales process.


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The challenge.

BigCommerce designed a system of customer intelligence for its sales team, but there was no adoption. The CRM was clunky and hid key information. Management had to click into each activity to see what was going on or what the next steps following a conversation were.

As sales reps kept their notes in Google Docs, sales leadership had no way to track metrics and Sales Ops were frustrated.

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The solution.

Dooly allows the BigCommerce team to uphold their policies around logging activity and gives their leadership team better visibility into Salesforce.

“Dooly drives collaboration across the team as we’re able to work within our customized objects in Salesforce,” says Colleen Mann, Director of GTM Data Strategy and Stewardship at BigCommerce. The BigCommerce team uses a new template on that object so they can easily pull up what questions they want to be asking their clients when they’re working on an opportunity.

As BigCommerce revamped their sales methodology, Dooly’s templates were crucial, with reps leading the charge.

“The team really loves Dooly and I don’t know what they’d do without it—they’d cry. It’s the one tool they would never want to go away. It’s a sales team favourite,” says Colleen.

The results.

More data is making its way back to Salesforce because of the Dooly templates. BigCommerce rolled out updated metrics they’d like their team to focus on; how many discovery calls they’re doing, the conversion rates as they go to sales, and close rates. As a team, they’re working towards knowing how many demos, tech scopes, and proposals it takes to close.

“This is where Dooly has been key to our sales team as it holds us accountable to capturing and actioning conversations,” says Colleen. “Dooly helps our team win more deals. The functionality and ease of getting information surfaced to you when you need it is extremely useful in asking better questions and diving deeper into problems from previous calls.”

“Dooly allows our teams increased productivity, visibility, and efficiency during the sales process.”

Colleen Mann
Director, GTM Data Strategy and Stewardship, BigCommerce