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6 Reasons Why Team Selling is the Future of Tech Sales

Pablo Penades

Nov 03, 2023

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In the last decade or so, the sales profession has probably changed more than the five  previous decades combined. In the high-paced world of tech sales, this is doubly so. Not only has technology itself transformed seller behavior, but gone are the days when a single rep could handle the entire sales process, which is now being quickly replaced by team selling.  

The rise of team selling in recent years has emerged as a strategy that not only boosts sales but also builds buyer confidence and accelerates the sales cycle. Team selling involves a collaborative internal effort, leveraging two (or more) people to get complex deals over the finish line. There are many reasons why team selling is catching on at technology sales organizations across the globe. Here are the top six:

1. The sales cycle has grown more complex

As anybody who has sold into an organization in the last few years knows, the buying process in the tech industry has become increasingly intricate with a multitude of decision-makers involved. It is no longer sufficient to convince a single individual to make a purchase — now, multi-threading and cross-organizational communication is a requirement.

Team selling enables sales professionals to work collectively, understand and address the concerns of various decision-makers, and navigate the complexities of the modern sales cycle successfully. As the sales cycle evolves, so must the teams selling to bigger orgs. 

2. Team selling builds buyer confidence in your organization

Solo sellers are often met with skepticism by buyers, who might believe they’re a fly-by-night rep who will be gone tomorrow, or one small cog in an otherwise massive, faceless machine. Team selling, on the other hand, shows a buyer that they are being taken seriously, and demonstrates a commitment to their actual success. Having a diverse team of professionals fosters trust and confidence in the organization, and showcases a comprehensive understanding of the buyer’s challenges and an ability to provide tailored solutions.

To put it simply: when there are more people assigned to a deal, the buyer will feel like they are being valued.

3. Different perspectives help flesh out an effective approach

When team selling, each member has an opportunity to bring their unique set of experiences, backgrounds, and skills to the table. This diversity is invaluable when it comes to crafting sales strategies and developing solutions tailored to the buyer’s specific requirements. Your next first-degree perspective will be your sales manager perspective. 

By leveraging different perspectives, team selling allows for brainstorming, problem-solving, and refining sales pitches, resulting in a more compelling and effective approach. It also allows multiple people to view the situation from their own perspective, which can help plot the right course to get to a closed deal — two (or more) eyes are better than one.

4. Team members can pick up each other’s slack

One of the advantages of team selling is that it minimizes the risks associated with individual limitations, absences, or with things simply falling through the cracks. If a team member is unable to attend a crucial meeting or falls behind on a task, someone else can seamlessly step in and address the situation. Not only that, but multiple team members can ensure a prospect gets a quick response if their other members are busy or indisposed. This collaborative approach ensures that deadlines are met, information is shared, and no opportunity is missed due to the absence or overload of an individual teammate.

5. Team selling aligns expectations internally

While this point is often overlooked, team selling can help bridge the gap between different departments within an organization. Sales reps, marketing, operations, and product can collaborate closely, aligning goals, streamlining communication, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

This internal alignment enhances overall efficiency and effectiveness, and solves one of the most insidious problems plaguing modern organizations — siloing.

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6. Team selling shortens and accelerates the sales cycle

Tech sales cycles can be notoriously slow-moving, especially now that budgets are being closely scrutinized and CFOs (and even boards) are required to sign off on any new purchases. Team selling can help circumvent delays associated with individual limitations or the time-consuming process of obtaining necessary information.

By getting multiple people involved, things get done quicker and the sales cycle is condensed. What would take one rep a few days can be done in hours when multiple people are involved. This means leads are converted more quickly, and revenue is generated faster.

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