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8 Things Only Someone Working in Sales in 2023 Would Understand

Kyle Boyd

Feb 27, 2023

Working in sales can sometimes feel like Groundhog Day: prospecting, pitching, following up, and closing deals. Though much has changed over the years, at its core, sales fundamentally remains the same. Industries come and go, technology (Ahem like Dooly) helps reps evolve, and macro-economics affect the industry at large, though many reps can thrive no matter the market conditions.

In many ways, 2023 is proving to be no different than any other year. While there is much uncertainty (we’ll talk about this later) in the markets, reps are still plugging away, doing what they can to close deals, and keeping coffee chains in business with their dietary habits.

But even though 2023 is mostly a year like any other, there are a few things that stand out to any attentive seller. Here are eight things that only somebody working in sales in 2023 will understand:

1. Constantly hearing the word “uncertainty”

Prospects, managers, analysts, and influencers are all using this word regularly


2. Thousands of articles about how to sell during a time of uncertainty

Okay, we’re guilty of this one too


3. Mixed messages from the media about the economy

“Things are looking up!” “Things are absolutely terrible.” “Things are terrible but looking up, but–“


4. Emails that bounce back as undeliverable

Prospects who we were counting on are leaving or getting laid off.


5. “Our budget for this project has been eliminated”

CFOs are cracking down on spend — and it’s not always pretty.


6. Endless LinkedIn posts about how to use ChatGPT to close deals

It’s only been around for a few weeks, but there are already world-class ChatGPT experts out there.


7. Confusing changes to the comp plan to meet the current environment

Oh, who are we kidding? This happens every year, not just in 2023.


8. Optimism in the face of all odds

If you want to thrive in sales, you have to be optimistic. And most of the time, it pays off!


This article was not written by ChatGPT.

…or was it?

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Kyle Boyd

Kyle is a snow-chasing, beer-seeking, disc-golfing copywriter & marketer born and raised in Colorado Springs. Kyle began his journey writing and producing car commercials before going full SaaS. He'll get physically uneasy if he sees you use “your” and “you’re” incorrectly. When he's not getting creative with marketing strategy and content, you'll find Kyle sampling the newest IPA, floating on some fresh pow, or enjoying downtime with his wife, 2 children, and labradoodle Pickle.