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G2 Rates Dooly #1 Most Loved Sales Engagement Software in Summer 2021 Grid Report

Camille Trent

Jun 29, 2021

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The sales professionals have spoken. They’re saying things like, “I could not do my job without Dooly.” and “Will never go back to not using Dooly.”

Those ratings earned us #1 ratings in G2’s Sales Engagement and AI Sales Assistant categories.

Dooly earns sales engagement leader G2 grid report
Source: G2, Summer 2021 Sales Engagement Grid Report

G2 Sales Engagement Software Grid Leader - Momentum
Source: G2, Summer 2021 AI Sales Assistant Grid Report

Some Dooly customers have gone as far as to say they wouldn’t accept a job unless Dooly was included in the package. In other words, Dooly is quickly (read: G2 Momentum Leader in three sales software categories) becoming an expected benefit in sales-led organizations.

And our ratings reflect that:

Dooly G2 rating
Source: G2

Thanks to hundreds of G2 reviews from our happy customers, Dooly earned 26 total G2 recognitions, ranking in four key sales software categories in G2’s Summer 2021 Grid Reports:

-9 awards for Sales Engagement

-7 awards for Sales Enablement

-7 awards for AI Sales Assistant

-3 awards for Sales Performance Management

Plus, we’re trending in the top three in these sales categories:

-#1 Momentum Leader for AI Sales Assistant

-#2 Momentum Leader for Sales Engagement Software

-#3 Momentum Leader for Sales Enablement

Dooly particularly shines in lovability (AKA G2’s Relationship Index):

-#1 Mid-Market Relationship Index for Sales Engagement

-#2 Relationship Index for Sales Engagement

-#2 Relationship Index for Sales Enablement

-#3 Relationship Index for AI Sales Assistant

Why all the fuss around CRM automation?

So, why do salespeople care so much about CRM automation? Also why is that market expected to be worth $96.5 billion by 2028, according to Grand View Research?

Salespeople now spend twice as long on admin work as they do actually selling.

According to Salesforce and InsideSales.com reports, salespeople spend between 34% and 37% selling. And it’s not their fault.

Sales productivity statistic
Source: Salesforce

Enterprises know they need a CRM, and Salesforce is the best sales CRM on the market. However, it’s not built for the way salespeople work.

The result?

Salespeople are asked to do admin tasks twice, on multiple platforms.

Time is money, and frontline salespeople feel that reality stronger than most. Their paycheck is directly tied to their ability to hit and exceed quota. But the inefficient and overwhelming sales tech stack isn’t doing them any favors. In fact, it’s hindering their ability to sell, their supervisor’s ability to forecast and report, and their company’s bottom line.

How Does Dooly Solve CRM Suffering?

We will let our customers answer this one for us.

“Dooly is the easiest & fastest way to keep Salesforce up to date. I use the note-taking App for every call. It’s super easy to take notes and then push them to Salesforce, Slack channels, tag colleagues for follow-up tasks, and keep an ongoing to-do list that syncs with Salesforce. One of my favorite capabilities is embedding Salesforce fields (like ‘Next Steps’) into your note canvas so you can update & take notes from one spot.”

-Alex L., Director of Sales, via G2

“Dooly allows me to create different views for different purposes, which helps avoid using SFDC completely. There are views that I use to complete required fields and progress my opportunities to the following stages, and then there are views that help me to see opportunities that I need to focus on this week.”

-Viktoriya E, Account Executive via G2

“I love that – at its best – Dooly functions as a ‘home base’ for the sales professional. Notes, CRM updates, etc., are easily accessible and launched from a “Today’s Meetings” view.”

-Rudy G., Senior Account Executive, via G2

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