Say Hello to the Dooly Slack App

Hear ye’, hear ye!

…I’ve always wanted to say that. Now that I have that out of the way, I do have some MAJOR news for y’all.


Say hello to the slick new Dooly Slack App. I’m practically swooning. 😍

So, what does this mean for YOU?

1. You can now leverage @mentions in Dooly notes to collaborate within Slack (we know, it was about time 😅)

Share your successes on Slack
Share your successes on Slack

“This sounds rad, but how do I start using this feature,” you ask?


  • In your Dooly note, hit the @ key to pull up a list of all your organization's Slack users

  • Type to search, and choose the person you'd like to share a note with

  • Click "Sync"

  • Dooly will create a channel in Slack and invite the members who you've tagged

  • Have a conversation in Slack on this deal

  • You can always @mention more people and hit "Sync" to invite them to the same channel

2. You can subscribe to a daily agenda with links to your meetings and tasks due for the day (ahem, no more excuses 😬)

Doobot daily agenda
Doobot daily agenda

“I could really use a personal assistant right about now…”

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has thought this at some point. Well, you can now receive a daily digest through Slack at a time of your choosing, start taking Dooly notes that connect to your meetings via quick links in Slack, and receive a summary of your Tasks due in Dooly. #DoolyIsTheNewPA?

  • Set up Agendas in Slack from Dooly by typing /dooly subscribe in Slack to receive the digest, and /dooly help to learn other neat tricks!

3. Link previews, so each time you copy + paste a link to a Dooly note in Slack, you'll get a preview of the entire note (productivity FTW! 🙌🏼)

Slack link preview
Slack link preview

“I need some help to get this deal moving.”

Well, now with link previews, you can create a thread on the note in Slack to be more collaborative on the deal!

  • Copy + paste any Dooly link in Slack

  • Ta-da! You’ll get a handy preview you can expand to read the entire note

I’m SOLD! I need the Dooly Slack App ASAP.

To use Dooly for Slack, your Slack admin may first need to download the Slack App. After which, each Slack and Dooly user will have access to use Dooly from Slack.

Installation instructions for admin

  1. As a Slack admin, go to Dooly and click "Connected Accounts"

  2. From the modal, choose Slack

  3. Authorize Dooly

  4. Follow the setup instructions received via Dooly in Slack: /dooly help will pull up instructions if you want to learn more

After completing steps 1-3, all users in your organization will be able to connect Slack to Dooly and leverage the features above.

Installation instructions for users

  1. Go to Dooly and click on your avatar on the top right

  2. Choose "Integrations"

  3. Click on "Connect to Slack"

  4. Authorize Slack

  5. You'll get a notification from Dooly in Slack

We want to know what YOU think of the Dooly Slack App!

👍🏼 it, ❤️ it, 😫 it?

Drop me a note at with your feedback!

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Easily collaborate on deals with your team using the Dooly Slack App.