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Dooly Partners With Skaled Consulting to Modernize the Future of Sales

Mark Jung

Jul 30, 2019

VANCOUVER & AUSTIN (July 30, 2019) — Dooly, a real-time sales playbook platform, today announces their partnership with Skaled Consulting, a sales consultancy that helps companies implement best in-class sales and marketing processes and technology to drive real results. “You spend a lot of time getting prospects to meet, but how do you ensure that every conversation goes smoothly? Equally, how do you minimize the time wasted post-meeting ensuring the CRM is updated?” asks Kris Hartvigsen, CEO and Co-Founder at Dooly. Dooly syncs all the relevant information from your calls back into Salesforce and serves up context specific sales plays to help drive deals to a successful close. With full visibility of your history with an account, content can finally meet context. “We’re big fans of Dooly. To me, data is the one thing we don’t talk about. We always want to talk about closing more deals, the pipeline, etc., but we don’t realize the impact that data has on our ability to close or not close. The problem is, salespeople think the data is for their boss only, it’s not, it’s for you. How many reps every year or every quarter are doing their own win-loss analysis on their own deals? What about the best times of day you booked appointments? Times when your deal closed? Your biggest deals? You have to run your own business,” notes Jake Dunlap, CEO at Skaled Consulting. “The other problem is the Salesforce UI. It’s better now but that’s what we’ve grown up on for the last 10 years. It hasn’t been easy to enter data or even to augment data. I’m passionate about this topic because it’s one that more and more teams need to wake up to—the opportunity of what it can mean in early stages of the funnel and middle stages, and for customers when you’re transitioning from sales to account management is massive for the buyer experience in particular.”

“We’re super excited about the partnership. We see Dooly as being core to our offerings because it aligns very well to our foundational methodology. We work with hundreds of companies building structured frameworks, helping them scale faster and the key to doing that is to have a standardized methodology to spin that out really quickly,” says Ryan Johns, Director of Partner Strategy at Skaled Consulting. “You can always add layers of customization and you can always adapt, but the foundation of the core is the key. We really appreciate what Dooly’s team brings to the table.”

About Dooly

Trusted by the likes of Asana, Intercom, and Contentful, Dooly makes sure all your reps run consistently great meetings. Push powerful discovery plans, relevant customer stories, follow-up questions, and answers to objections in real-time based on what prospects are saying. When the meeting wraps up, Dooly updates Salesforce for you and collaboratively loops in your internal selling team to what everyone needs to do next to bring the deal across the line! Follow Dooly on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Skaled Consulting

Based in Austin with offices in New York City, Skaled Consulting is a sales consulting company that builds proven and sustainable sales strategies for mid-market and enterprise companies by aligning people, processes, and technology. Skaled’s sales technology experts serve as an extension to their clients to tackle and solve people and process challenges. We generate double-digit revenue growth for our clients, while creating a healthier and more profitable sales and marketing organization in the process. Follow Skaled on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Mark Jung

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