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Dooly Raises $80M Series B Funding!

Mark Jung

May 20, 2021

$80 million new superpowers coming your way. Our brand promise? Get you back to selling!

We’re beyond excited to announce our $80M Series B round today led by Spark Capital with new participation from Greenspring, Tiger Global, and Lachy Groom, and continued participation from boldstart ventures, BoxGroup and Addition. We’ve also welcomed Will Reed of Spark Capital to our board!

Check out the full article on TechCrunch

Justin Vaillancourt, Co-founder & CTO @ Dooly

Dooly was founded on the conviction that revenue teams perform best when sellers have the space to focus on high-value selling activities. All too often, the organization’s needs for quality CRM data distracts from these activities, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why is it that sellers capture conversations everywhere except in CRM? From day one, we have believed that sellers yearn for a tool that respects their time and unique gifts. We believe that such a tool, a connected workspace, leads to more impactful sellers while providing organizations with far better data. That tool is Dooly.

Sellers agree. Today, many of the top Cloud 100 companies have adopted Dooly. Sellers tell us they couldn’t live without it, some have refused to move to companies that won’t allow its use, and others were promoted as a direct result of championing its use!

It’s not just sellers. Investors have taken note too. Today, right off the heels of the announcement of our Series A, we’re announcing the close of our Series B. Yet again, providing a vote of confidence for our mission to empower sellers everywhere to focus on high-value activities. We’re incredibly grateful for the partners who have chosen to join us on this journey. They are truly remarkable people and mentors.

We’ve only just begun. The best is yet to come.

The #Dooligan Movement

Kris Hartvigsen, Co-founder & CEO @ Dooly

Dooly has never been about the shiny dashboard that every executive obsesses over (only to find out that the data is incomplete, stale and inaccurate). It’s about creating space for people to become the best versions of themselves at work. It’s about putting the needs of the individual ahead of pie charts and bar graphs. It’s about giving people a bit more joy in their day and, let’s face it, a bit more time. It’s a recognition that enough is enough when it comes to grunt work, context switching, saying no to weekend plans with the kids because you’ve got mountains of work still to do, and every other obstacle that drains your soul.

Our Series B gives us the belief ( ) and the promise that we can build you a product that gives your job a bit more dignity, boost your productivity and make the entire business around you move at a faster pace with information no longer blocked in the litany of data silos that exist today. With this funding you will see superpowers enter your life…workflows that seamlessly do the work for you. We call it the 5:01 promise…”what you do after 5pm should be your choice, not your obligation.” I’ll give you $80m reasons why we’re going to keep that promise.

Without question the shift to remote work accelerated the future of work to “now” in a leap of faith that only a pandemic could expedite. We’re striving to bring every individual contributor, whether they be on revenue teams or beyond, a user-first experience that chips away at the clunky enterprise software they’ve been forced to use for years. Dooly isn’t just a product. We’ve become a rallying cry for change…a movement.

That movement has made investors see us as one of the most consequential technologies of the decade. That movement has made individuals bring Dooly with them to their new companies when they advance in their careers (we like to think we helped with their growth just a little ). That movement has seen some of the brightest people in tech take note (pun intended) and, in many cases, join our team of A+ people. That movement, the “dooligan spirit,” is all about you and it exists because of you. We couldn’t be more grateful.

On a personal note, when you set out to chase a dream, you hope that others are dreaming it too…that the art of possible is indeed possible. I remember when I first told my parents about Dooly, leaving the security of a pay check behind, asking my wife to trust me, telling my kids we’d be holding off on family trips abroad. The early days are never easy, but I’m eternally grateful for their support and encouragement.


My co-founder, Justin (aka little brother, aka work-wife, aka JV) built an internal API into Dooly from the beginning. He nicknamed it a “doodad” for obvious reasons and to keep that endearing charm of the product in tact, almost like the earliest Mac computers, neatly appointed with the signatures of the team on the inside of the box. Details matter to who you are and how you want others to see you.

Dad died on September 4th, 2020, 3 days after we announced our Seed round of funding. Here we sit on May 20th, having raised 3 rounds of funding in little more than 6 months – a bewildering feat. He got to see the start, but I can only imagine what he’s thinking as he looks down on us now.

We never knew how important that “doodad” would become as the connective fabric we’ve built that started as a way of building “doolightful” workflows.

Today, it’s the heart of my rallying cry: #doodadproud. I think he is.

Thank you to all our customers and raving fans! #DooligansForLife

Love everyone on team Dooly ❤️

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Mark Jung

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Mark Jung is VP of Marketing at Sales Impact Academy. He builds B2B SaaS brands that dominate their categories by creating new strategic narratives that people rally behind. Mark is a great podcast guest, a stellar Fire Talks show host, and a bona fide leader in the revenue marketing space.