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6 Reasons Why Working in Sales is Still a Great Choice

Pablo Penades

Jun 13, 2023

In a world of uncertainty and constant change, one profession has stood the test of time — 🥁 drumroll  🥁 please… sales! Even though there have been lots of layoffs over the last year, the death of the sales role has been greatly exaggerated.

In fact, there are many compelling reasons for why pursuing a career in sales still remains an excellent choice, whether you’re right out of college or further along in your career. In this article, we’ll take a look at some reasons why working in sales is still an excellent career choice. 

Here are the top six:

1. There are nearly endless opportunities

Sales is not a niche profession; it’s a massive professional bloc that exists in almost every company across industries. From startups to multinational corporations, businesses across the globe rely on sales teams to drive revenue and growth.

This ubiquitous demand means that there are always millions of open sales roles, no matter where you live or what you sell (within reason, of course). Regardless of your expertise or interests, you can almost always find a sales job. And — this might be the best part — if you want to switch from selling one product to another, the door is almost always open to make a change.

2. Your earnings are based on your hustle, not your diplomas.

Sales is not like most other high-paying gigs where advanced degrees are usually required. In the sales world, your earnings are based on your hustle, not your diplomas.

You can build a killer career (yes, we mean both successful AND lucrative) without even having a college degree! What really matters in sales is your ability to connect with people, talk shop, and close deals. Sales rewards those who have the grit, determination, and the gift of gab to rock out with customers and bring home the bacon.

We aren’t exaggerating when we say sales is a career that will change your life! 💰💪

3. Salespeople are often the highest-paid employees

When it comes to financial rewards, few fields can match the earning potential of sales. While it’s true that some reps make millions, and others earn hundreds of thousands, it’s rare to find a sales rep earning below six figures.

Salespeople are often the highest-paid employees in a company because they directly contribute to revenue generation. Without sales, a company just has an engineering team, customer success, and some very angry shareholders. In sales, the more value you bring to the organization, the more you stand to earn.

Sales offers not only financial stability but also the potential for significant (and sometimes incredible) financial growth.

4. Sales rewards those who own their outcomes

Few things can rival the power that comes with shaping one’s own success. Sales, much like entrepreneurship, rewards those who own their outcomes. As a sales representative, you’re in the driver’s seat of your career.

You can set ambitious goals, craft powerful strategies, and take calculated risks. The pressure to perform is palpable, but so is the thrill of exceeding quota or closing a difficult deal.

If you are someone who craves challenge and personal growth, a sales career provides an ideal platform to test your limits, surpass them, and realize your aspirations.

5. New technologies are making reps more productive than ever

The landscape of sales is constantly evolving, thanks to innovative technologies that come along and change the industry every few years. Tools like Dooly, which streamline note-taking, deal management, and making updating Salesforce a breeze, and the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in sales enable reps to work smarter and accomplish much more in less time.

The future is being built as we speak, and reps get to not only be the recipients of all that invention, they get to sell the future too.

6. It opens up all sorts of doors

One of the most under-appreciated aspects of a sales career is the versatility it offers.

Sales reps have the freedom to work across diverse industries, from technology and healthcare to fashion and sports. This adaptability allows you to explore different sectors, discover new passions, and build a life around what you love. Furthermore, many of the world’s top CEOs and industry leaders started their journey in sales, which not only highlights the importance of the role, it shows that it can be a springboard to really big things.

The skills and experiences gained in sales can provide a solid foundation for future career growth and can open doors to leadership positions, from CRO, to CEO, to master of your own destiny.

Pablo Penades

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