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20 Sales Memes Your Manager Doesn’t Want You to See

Mark Jung

Feb 03, 2021

Sales is a tough job, and some might argue that sales management might be even tougher. Managing a team of salespeople is not unlike herding cats — competitive, charismatic, and energetic cats — not a task for the faint of heart. 

In addition to herding, sales managers need to keep their teams focused, which means eliminating distractions whenever possible. So if you’re a salesperson who’s looking for a few minutes of entertainment in between making calls and updating Salesforce (ugh), here are twenty sales memes your sales manager definitely doesn’t want you to see:

1. Don’t end up like him

2. This is… a strategy

3. Painful

4. Really frustrating when this happens

5. Fact check: true

6. Believe it or not, introverts can do well in sales

7. Losing a deal is extremely painful

8. And prospects can be very demanding

9. If only this was possible

10. The best compliment is a purchase (or a referral)

11. Still handsome though…

12. You have to be tenacious

13. This one didn’t age well

14. Being the newbie is hard!

15. In reality, it’s a team effort!

16. Make sure you’re not just giving deals away

17. The one thing that makes it all worthwhile

18. But taxes are tough

19. Most people don’t have what it takes to survive in sales

20. After a difficult 2020, let’s make 2021 amazing!

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Mark Jung


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