20 Memes Your Sales Manager Doesn’t Want You to See

Sales is a tough job, and some might argue that sales management might be even tougher. Managing a team of salespeople is not unlike herding cats -- competitive, charismatic, and energetic cats -- not a task for the faint of heart. 

In addition to herding, sales managers need to keep their teams focused, which means eliminating distractions whenever possible. So if you’re a salesperson who’s looking for a few minutes of entertainment in between making calls and updating Salesforce (ugh), here are twenty sales memes your sales manager definitely doesn’t want you to see:

1. Don’t end up like him

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2. This is... a strategy

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3. Painful

Dooly Sales Meme 3 Your Prospect Lying

4. Really frustrating when this happens

Dooly Sales Meme 4 What Gives People Power

5. Fact check: true

Dooly Sales Meme 5 - When you bring your sales manager leads

6. Believe it or not, introverts can do well in sales

Dooly Sales Meme 6 - Introverts selling

7. Losing a deal is extremely painful

Dooly Sales Meme 7 - Losing deals is not stressful at all

8. And prospects can be very demanding

Dooly Sales Meme 8 - budget vs expectations

9. If only this was possible

Dooly Sales Meme 9 - leead forms

10. The best compliment is a purchase (or a referral)

Dooly Sales Meme 10 - you're great but lets hold off for now

11. Still handsome though...

Dooly Sales Meme 11 - Sales Manager

12. You have to be tenacious

Dooly Sales Meme 12 - Sales Takes Courage

13. This one didn’t age well

Dooly Sales Meme 13 - When The Lead and Comp Plan Was a Lie

14. Being the newbie is hard!

Dooly Sales Meme 14 - Need help with sales

15. In reality, it’s a team effort!

Dooly Sales Meme 15 - sales is a team sport

16. Make sure you’re not just giving deals away

Dooly Sales Meme 16 - sales people giving discounts

17. The one thing that makes it all worthwhile

Dooly Sales Meme 17 - that massive commission check

18. But taxes are tough

Dooly Sales Meme 18 - sales meet the tax man

19. Most people don’t have what it takes to survive in sales

Dooly Sales Meme 19 - salespeople every morning

20. After a difficult 2020, let’s make 2021 amazing!

Dooly Sales Meme 20 - sales in 2020 reality vs what they thought

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